Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fatal Females by Micki Pistorius

Although they may find it deeply disturbing, many people have a morbid fascination with the notion that women – givers of life – are capable of ruthlessly taking it. Indeed, throughout history the view seems to have prevailed that women are not inclined to commit violent crimes. But Pistorius shows that this is not in fact the case. She examines more than 50 documented cases of South African female killers, categorised according to the nature of their crimes – e.g. love triangles, battered women, poisoners – and she develops a new hypothesis to explain the psychology of that rare woman, the female serial killer.

Factually, I guess, this was pretty interesting. But there was something about the writing style used in this book that really did not capture me. I really struggled thru the last few chapters. It was told in such a matter-of-fact style that I really wasn't connected or gripped at all by the book. I did find it quite interesting that I could not remember a single one of these women or cases (although most were in the late 90s) except Daisy de Melker (which I knew about before).

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