Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Weirdness Continues

Yeah okay, it's been a bit of a weird week still ... but I'm back to my good mood again this morning :)

I think I had a quiet Monday evening at home and on Tuesday went to SCM. The Trucker had an Action Cricket game and came over afterwards. He left at about 6am on Wednesday. He spent yesterday's public holiday driving around the country delivering computers and surprisingly made it home in very good time at around 9pm.

I won't lie, I was a little annoyed that the boy seems to have no concept of Public Holidays. Although he did offer that I could join him ... that wasn't exactly what I had in mind for my much needed day off. I had a lazy morning, sleeping in, eating breakfast at home while the bunnies ran. I headed off to do some shopping and then CollegeInstructor came over for a briefing on the house (he's house & bunny sitting for me while we're in Cape Town next week) and then we went for a lovely lunch at The Greek Sizzler - I was craving that Small Platter to share that we'd had on The Trucker's birthday.

And then I pretty much had a Bones marathon for the afternoon (It was my all-time favourite TV show, but I'm not so sure about this new plot-direction in Season 7). Which was perfect since a storm came over and it was lovely. I went over to The Trucker's after he got home, so I did get to see him a little yesterday.

Am having a weird separation anxiety week. Which is odd and I've been unsuccessfully trying to rationalise my way out of it (since we'll be together in Cape Town all of next week, so I know he's crazy busy trying to get lots done before that). But sometimes my brain goes funny and I can't tell the difference over bbm and the phone if he's busy-for-real or if he's avoiding me. As soon as I see him in real life I can see the honesty of how busy he really is. I guess it's a little throw-back from all those late-nights Varen worked which were probably more likely spent with his now-wife.

Anyhoo. I'm much better now and back to blissful happiness and bursting with love for this boy (vomit, I know ... but sometimes it's true and it should be celebrated!)

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