Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mother City Living

Okay, I know I should totally do a Cape Town catch-up (that's my view as I arrive at work in the mornings, roughly 7am). I have been busy, that is for sure. I have also been in a weird mood (sort of ... sometimes more than others ... I think it was more like I was overly sensitive so it was a little too easy to swing into a down, blue mood).

Anyhoo, all is right in the world again this morning (which is why I've waited till now to write). So what has been keeping me busy?

The Trucker & I went for dinner with Mom&Dad on Monday night. We went to a place called Societi Brasserie in Tokai. The place is stunning decor-wise, but I wasn't overly impressed with the food options. The only chicken dish they offered was a 1/2 chicken (I am not a fan of chicken-on-the-bone). They do have a very nice range of ciders tho, and I had the Everson's that we'd had on Valentine's Day. For dinner I ended up having 2 starters. Their very tasty prawn cocktail and then when everyone else had t heir mains, I had the French Onion Soup (have never had it but have been dying to try a proper one!). It was very yummy! So despite being unimpressed with my options, their food was still very tasty :)

On Tuesday, The Trucker popped thru to Seapoint to have lunch and a walk on the Promenade with me :) And in the evening we had my sister, her husband and all her in-laws over for dinner. It was a little exhausting because I wasn't really in the mood for that many people. Until Tuesday evening, I didn't really get a full night's sleep because The Trucker was being woken by being too hot or because there were mozzies and kept waking me too. But he bought a small fan for our room and things have improved vastly :)

On Wednesday afternoon we popped over the mountain to Noordhoek for a walk (since we're not going to gym while here). It was lovely because the cloud had come in and it was cool (but not cold) and cosy (cause of the low cloud). Perfect beach-walking weather, honestly.

Then, The Trucker & I went to dinner at Royale Eatery with The Divine Miss M and her man. Ah, such a good spot, and one of The Trucker's requests for restaurants-to-visit while we were here (we didn't get to any of the new ones I wanted to try :( ). I had the Miss Piggy burger with extra cheese. Yum. Shoo, I do love their sweet potato fries as well (although maybe not as much as the sweet chili cheese fries at Gourmet Garage ;) ).

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