Monday, March 05, 2012

Health Update

Mkay so it hasn't been a very busy weekend, and I'm not bouncing off the walls filled with love and awe this morning either, but things are still pretty good.

I went to the Doc on Friday afternoon. Not my normal doc, a homeopath, but The Trucker's doc. When we both got sick a few weeks ago and I refused to go to a doctor (because my faith in what they can do for coughs & sneezes is non-existant), I promised I'd go to discuss my general health-issues. Let me explain, I don't think I'm sick. And I'm actually not. But I probably cough and sneeze *a lot* more than the average person. Me, I don't really notice, it's been this way for years, to me it is just a normal day. But The Trucker pointed out it was not and I agreed to give it a try. I have before with no long-term solution, but he swears by his doc. And after Friday, I'm feeling quite positive myself.

So it turns out that my lung function is worse than I thought. I knew it was below average, I didn't realise it was functioning at 2/3rds capacity (or something). Basically it's those little blow-tests ... and the highest I could get the marker to go was 450. For my age I should be getting over 600. I have asthma. Proper asthma apparently, not just the low-grade asthma I was told about before.

I also have allergies. Nothing specific enough for them to be able to identify, nothing that on it's own will kick the reaction above my tolerance point, just lots of things (probably, dust, pollen grasses etc.) that collectively push it over. So I am now on an asthma inhaler twice a day for a month (the doc is trying to get my lungs up to normal in the next month just so I can see how life is supposed to be) (not a normal inhaler, one of these weird round powder ones with a counter). I am also on an anti-histamine (or reactor-inhibitor or something) every evening (for the allergies). And nasules, which I hate. Apparently this could also cure the permanent dark rings around my eyes ... after not having a single doctor in my entire life able to tell me what causes it or how to cure it, this one apparently can. Aside from the 2 mucus sinuses we have on either side of our nose (below our cheekbones), we have a blood sinus above our nose, between our eyes in front of our brain (apparently) and mine is not draining, which is causing the rings. Clearing the permanent allergic reaction should apparently clear this and therefore get rid of the rings.

I'll admit I'm coughing less in the mornings and haven't had any full-on coughing attacks since I started on the meds. I'm still blowing my nose ... it's day 3, so there is still a while to go tho ... I remain hopeful.

Anyway, on Friday night we went for dinner with DJMike & his girlf at our now traditional spot, Cafe Mexicho. On Saturday, The Trucker was up early and off to work, I didn't see him again till 7pm.

I had a lazy morning and went dress shopping for The Peeb's wedding. Luckily I found something I really like, fits really nicely and I should be able to use more than just once :) Now to find shoes - sigh. I am so much better at shopping for house stuff! And then I fell asleep for 2hrs. That is completely unlike me! Even when I am tired, even when The Trucker is lying napping next to me, I usually struggle to fall asleep during the day. I was a little worried it was the anti-histamines, which are supposed to not have whatever makes you drowsy in them ... I was fine yest, so hopefully was just a once-off :)

Then we had a quiet Saturday evening, we went out for sushi at a new spot at Appleby's Center. I wasn't very impressed, honestly. I won't be suggesting we go back there again.

On Sunday we went out for breakfast at Mugg&Bean and did some shopping before he headed off to work again. Then I met up with him to watch his cricket game and afterwards we went for a late afternoon walk. He worked from home for the rest of the evening while I made burgers for dinner and watched series.

It was a rather quiet weekend, really.

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Anonymous said...

That sounds very promising...I hope the treatment helps.

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