Monday, March 19, 2012

Blue Monday

I'm a little blue this Monday morning. It was a bit of a weird weekend. On Friday evening The Trucker was off bachelor-partying while @WhizBangLouLou came to keep me company and distract me (my over active imagination does not handle bachelor parties well ...) We ordered indian take-out, shared a bottle of wine and had a good evening :)

The Trucker was also a fabulous boyfriend-at-a-bachelors. He messaged me during the eve (just before I went to bed) and then I woke up to find his "Home safe" message waiting for me too. #sigh So yeah, I think the boys had a good evening, they certainly had a lot to drink but thankfully had rented a bus to take them between pubs & home again.

It took him a while to get going on Saturday morning. I was up early, cleaning the bunny hutch and getting some admin done. Eventually we met up at Clearwater for lunch ... and some more work admin for him Don't ask me how but we managed to fit 10 printers in to a Citroen C2 & a Renault Clio!

We had a much needed nap in the afternoon (I passed out as well, which I found surprising) and then headed back to his place for dinner and to watch Friends with Benefits.

It was quite a fun movie and I think just the sort of light-hearted thing we were in the mood for.

On Sunday morning we took his bike out for a quick ride to breakfast at Doppio Zero and then home. Then he headed to cricket and I found myself in a very peculiar mood. you know the one. The one where you want to do something but you don't know what and you feel like you're wasting a perfectly beautiful day and should be doing something awesome because it's weekend. Pretty much at a loose-end I guess. It happens to me sometimes on weekends. I seem to fill up my week-evenings with things and then my weekends are these gaping holes of not really doing much of anything. And every now-and-again it gets me down. I keep reminding myself that we're about to have 2 busy weekends in a row and I should be appreciating the downtime ... but it didn't work.

So when The Trucker got home, I went over to his house and watched The Help while he installed 17 laptops. That did help my mood a bit.

I enjoyed the movie. I didn't really get why Viola Davis was the Oscar favourite for it tho ... I far preferred the Minny Jackson character. But still I am very glad I finally watched it :)

I headed home after to get started on dinner and The Trucker came over when he was done (so handy living so close, I'll tell you!). I attempted the Petite Lasagnas I found on Pinterest.

These were not what I would call a success. They weren't a dismal failure either tho ... I just think I either filled the first layer too full. Or our wonton wrappers aren't quite the same because they were quite tricky to get out (I was expecting it to be more like the Poppadum cups). I bought the largest size of wonton wrapper I could get (about R20 for 60 at the Asian Supermarket in the Buzz Center) and they were still quite small when I pressed the first layer into the muffin tray. I dunno. I doubt I'll be attempting them again ... Now what will I do with all these wonton wrappers ?!

I ended the weekend in a very weird mood. I felt ill. That nervous anxiety kinda ill. I dunno what was causing it, but I suspect that's why I'm still a bit blue this morning. Nothing is wrong, which makes it even more annoying. There is a much-needed public holiday this week (which The Trucker will be working thru :( ) and we're off to a wedding on Friday and another on Saturday with a flight to Cape Town in between. Followed by a much anticipated week in Cape Town - yay :) See, no reason at all. #sigh I guess sometimes life is like that.

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