Monday, September 17, 2012


Well it was another pretty quiet weekend. No socialising. On Friday evening The Trucker came over and we watched Children of Men again.

On Saturday we breakfasted at home and then he headed off to do some work while I went to meet a prospective new tenant. Hold thumbs, people. After that, I think we had a lazy afternoon while he worked a bit and I rewatched Splice. Movies are rarely as good the second time around #sigh.

In the evening I'd booked dinner for us (Surprise Date Night) at Lucky Bean. I haven't been since it was still called Soulsa. The place looked pretty much empty when we arrived, The Trucker was a bit nervous. But it filled up quickly and was buzzing. We started with their amazing Haloumi. Man, that is as good as I remembered it. Yum. And then I had their Springbok Pie. Can never pass that up ;) It was good, but not spectacular. There was also only the merest hint of veg served with it. Anyway, it was a good evening. Love that boy <3

On Sunday we had a lazy morning and a quick breakfast out before doing the weekly grocery shop. In the afternoon we took The Trucker's ex-girlf's dogs for a walk and picnic at Golden Harvest.

Okay, I know it sounds super weird. But they were once his dogs too and so, since he lives in the same complex as her, when shes away he dog-sits (she's in Thailand for a week). I'm over (*all*) the weirdness in that sentence, but don't misunderstand, it took plenty of time to reach this zen state. They really are lovely dogs tho and he adores & misses them.

Was a great way to spend the afternoon while I read my book in the sun and he ran around the field with them :)

And that was pretty much all the excitement of the weekend. Oh, except I did finally buy some fairy lights for my verandah (PnP has them on sale at the moment ... old stock, I presume) and got The Trucker to hang my hose pipe thing (bought it like when I moved in and it has been lying around since then!) and the trellis for the jasmine I planted under my bedroom window :)

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