Friday, September 14, 2012

Sorry by Zoran Drvenkar

The most gripping thriller since Thomas Harris's Red Dragon. ONE. TWO. THREE. That's all it takes to drive the nail into her head, to leave her hanging on the wall. She deserved to die. Now all he needs is absolution for his sins. And he knows just the people who can help. Kris, Tamara,Wolf and Frauke. Four friends, living in Berlin, with one big idea: an agency called Sorry. Unfair dismissals, the wrongly accused: everyone has a price, and Sorry will find out what it is. It's as simple as that. But they didn't count on their next client being a killer. Standing face to face with a brutally murdered woman, the philosophy that has brought them so much success sounds hollow. But who is the killer and why has he killed her? Someone is mocking them for playing God and hell is only just beginning.

Hmmmm. This sounded so promising that not only did I buy it for bookclub, but I picked it as my first to read. The concept is kind of novel. It's just a real pity that it is completely confusing to follow. And although it all comes together in the end, as one would expect, it's no where near the revelationary sort of ending one would expect from such a convoluted, bounced-around story line. I found it terribly disappointing and lacking. I wouldn't really recommend it unless the write-up still appeals to you ;)

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