Friday, September 14, 2012

The Ebb and Flow of Real Life

So it's been a quick week. Well at least it feels like it. Work is a very weird place for me at the moment. There are somethings I'm really enjoying about it and there are others that I know are destructive and no good for me and I need to get away from it. #sigh I dunno how you solve that short of getting a new job. But again, there is the out of the frying pan into the fire factor. That and it's not exactly an ideal time ... I'm just hearing of too many retrenchments stories and what not.

Speaking of which, I'm on the hunt again for a new tenant for the little Studio apartment. My tenant got retrenched and now can't complete her lease period. Have only had 1 person show any interest in the place this whole week (with ads on Private Property and Gumtree!). Showing it to her this weekend. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, Monday was a really nice evening, went out with a bunch of the people from our old company (ie. before the merger) for a farewell dinner for someone who was leaving. Was a really nice bunch and I enjoyed it. We went to Doppio in the new Sandton (Protea Court - which to me sounds like a Hotel, honestly ... I was a little confused at first). Very nice, really. Although from what I saw it just looks like they put in a ton of escalators! Haha.

On Tuesday I had an early dinner and swung past Montecasino to collect a gift my mom had sent up with a friend. She bought me Sarah Graham's Bitten cookbook. Which I've wanted since I made those Sweetcorn & Sweet Potato Fritters. Which is amusing to me now that I am on this eating plan ... #sigh. Although that in itself is actually going quite well. I'm sticking with the 1 breakfast & 2 dinner cheats a week and I've been pretty stable. Weekends are hard tho. Actually quite a few days are hard. I find it difficult that you can't just eat or snack as you please ... because obviously then you either eat too much in a day or eat the wrong things. But I do miss my Super M Chocolate Milks.

On Wednesday I had my annual Doctor's Day. It was nice to be off work in the chaos. Had a lazy morning at home with a bit of a lie-in. Headed off to my appointments and for the first time ever I barely had to wait at all (of course, because I had lugged my book along for that very purpose). And my appointments were all under 15mins. Yes, and it still costs R900 #sigh Being a girl is expensive. But everything is all good and I got my repeat scrips. Turns out I'll also be on my Allergy-related Asthma maintenance meds for *ever*. I was kinda hoping that now that it was under control, and it is, the difference to my life is actually astounding. I'm a little sorry it took me so long to get it managed properly! But anyhoo, the meds are the only way to continue this easy-breathing, no-morning-coughing-up-a-lung existence. So I guess I pay and medicate. Such is life.

So with everything done in such an unusually expedient manner, I spent my afternoon doing a spot of gardening. Sheesh it is sweaty work. Laying down more lawn-dressing and composting the plant beds in the hope that I can give the plants a little bit of an edge on the bunnies - haha, wishful thinking!

That evening, The Trucker was supposed to be having dinner with @Toxic_Mouse so I invited CollegeInstructor over for dinner. Was good to catch up since we've both been away :) The Trucker's plans fell thru and he ended up joining us as well. Was a good evening but definitely proved to me that I need a new home computer :( *sob* The expenses are just racking up. Also need to do my car service this month. Life is expensive lately. I've tried to break the house stuff I want to do down into bite-sized affordable chunks so that at least I'm doing a little something each month ... was supposed to be with the money I was saving when I paid off my car. Yes, that giant residual payment has to be made this month too! That's going to be an expensive day. But seems there are so many other things cropping up that are more urgent than the house ... #beinganadult. Urgh.

On Thursday, The Trucker finished work early and actually came over for a proper evening (has been a pretty disjointed week). We made dinner together and watched some series. He did some work and I lazed in a bath and read my book. Ah, bliss.

And that has pretty much been my week. Not much planned for the weekend, but I have booked a Surprise (my surprise for him this time) Date Night with The Trucker for Saturday evening. I guess the Date Night isn't really the surprise. The surprise is more in us each trying to one-up each other with the restaurants we try. And I have a good long list waiting for me ;) So if you have been to any amazing restaurants in Joburg lately and think they're worth a visit, leave me a comment :) Am always on the lookout!

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