Friday, January 18, 2013

Yes, I'm a Greeny

Shew. Got distracted from posting this morning by a birthday breakfast for Maroon at Vovo Telo :)

So this week has been average. Well, the new average. I still have distinct moments of missing The Trucker. They come out of the blue and hit me, well, like a truck :P Har har. But aside from that I'm okay and still keeping busy. I suspect this will be the order of the day for a while to come. Although I feel that busy has always been a trend ;)

Tuesday was SCM. And then last night @clairam and I went to @samanthaperry's place for home made pizza, wine and clothes! @samanthaperry was ditching a bunch of her old wardrobe and we dived in ... I definitely came home with far more than I was expecting. Especially since I'm so unfamiliar with what seems to actually be natural clothing-related bonding between girls. It was a lovely evening :)

Probably my most exciting news for this week tho has been the kick-off of #HomeImprovement2013 :) Had the electrician/handyman from the office (who has done loads of work for other people in the office and came to re-do my already dying again grass last year) come in on Wednesday and install all the stuff I've been buying and stock-piling since last year. So what did I get done? My lounge and passage lights were removed and have been replaced with down-lighters (with fancy *expensive* LED bulbs) and there are new light fittings in the kitchen and the 2 bedrooms. I had my geyser blanket put in and a DB timer switch for it. He fixed up some of the work done half-heartedly by The Trucker last yet (hid a bunch of cables to my Moroccan Light and wired it so that the Vietnam Lights will have their own switch, moved the garage light switch to a usable place, mounted the outside plug-point onto the wall and added a new one for my fairy lights). I am over the moon with the fixes :) It'll all be completed next Wednesday - the fairy lights and the Vietnam lights don't have power yet. And in even more exciting news, next week I'm getting Eco Insulation out to give me a quote for the roof insulation (was waiting for the down-lighters to be installed before then).

I had a Hard Drive crisis this week too. Currently I have my one major hard drive (2Tb) that is pretty much permanently plugged into my TV. It has my whole life on it pretty much. Photos, Series, Documents. Everything. No, I don't have a back up. It's a pretty stable drive and doesn't get moved around much. I know this is still not smart at all. I do have another little portable one too, but it's just usually for getting new series from DJ Mike.

So while the guys were in doing the lighting on Wednesday, they moved some of my furniture around. And I found my hard drive sans usb port that evening. My hard drive was now a very expensive rattle. And I was in a panic.

I tried my hardest to open the damn thing, but nothing budged. Thankfully I brought it into work on Thursday and the techie guys managed to get it open and diagnose the problem. The hard drive (and my data) was safe and sound, I'd just need a new case for the drive. Which I now have so life is back to good. I have also ordered a new 1Tb Hard drive to use for series in my TV. So the 2Tb one can be packed away in a cupboard as a back up.

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