Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Better Reality

Pretty decent week so far. I can't get enough of The Trucker coming home to me every night :D

On Monday I presume we had a nice quiet evening at home, although I can't remember - haha. On Tuesday he had cricket and I went out for dinner with some friends from work. We went to Col'Cacchio in Northgate and had a great evening :) The service was superb and we shared 3 half-and-half pizzas. Best way to taste as many different pizzas as possible. But shoo we were stuffed afterwards. Haha. Great times.

Yesterday afternoon we went to look at the first potential rental property. I had a good feeling about the place and was hoping it would be that easy for us ... Now that we know his sister got the job and is keen to rent my place when we find somewhere bigger :) Um, nope, this place was revolting. I guess the photos in the advert were from before someone moved in. Apparently the current family has been there 2 years now. Yuck. It was in such disrepair. I won't lie, looking at houses fascinates me when I see how other people live (and I'm talking about people who can't be in *that* different a financial bracket to me) ...

Anyway, the hunt continues. So if you know of a 3 bedroom place with a garden for rent in the Northern Joburg area, let me know :) Although we are avoiding 4ways, Sunninghill, Paulshof and that sort of area outside the highway because my traffic to work is bad enough as it is. So we're either sticking to pretty much where we are currently or closer to work.

Last night we had Brinner. Because I'd bought those new chicken rashers from woolies and had been dying to try them. Not too bad :) Not bacon, but pretty good as a healthy substitute on occasion.

In other news, yesterday I got my Roof Insulation installed by Eco-Insulation. So far it's been a very painless process. And I'm convinced I could sort of even feel the difference yesterday evening when I got home. The Trucker couldn't. So I guess we'll see over the next few days :) Pretty bleak about all these awesome improvements I've done and was planning for my little home since I'll probably be moving in a month or so :( But I guess that is how life goes ... onward and upward. The hard part is knowing I'm moving to another temporary spot. #sigh sometimes I wonder why I even unpack those moving boxes at all ;) All for the greater good. I'm going to be living with my love and I can't wait for somewhere that is equally ours (although I won't lie, I do rather like us living in my house!)

Also yesterday, I got my very first Lingerie Letters delivery. So not usually something that would be my scene, but for that very reason I decided to get myself a 3 month gift-subscription (so that it doesn't auto-repeat). Anyway, I collected mine from my PO Box yesterday, in time for Valentines day today and they are super cute and fit perfectly and I'm thrilled :)

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