Friday, February 15, 2013

All yours ....

Ah, Valentines Day. Yes, up until 2 weeks ago I wasn't giving this one much thought ... I'd planned to go to a Single's Valentines Party that the lovely @AnneDoli had very kindly invited me to. I was looking forward to it, in my quest to find someone new. I was even more happy to have to decline last week after The Trucker staged his coup on my romantic life :)

So last night I planned a nice quiet dinner at home for us. Nothing quite as romantic as last year. But I did stick with some traditions-in-the-making ... there were heart chocolates and red lindt balls. And salad for dinner, eaten outside. And even Eversons cider.

This year I went to Boot Camp after work and The Trucker got home while I was making dinner. It was amazing and a perfect Summer evening meal. I made Shrimp Salad with a Lime Vinaigrette. Forgot to take any photos tho, so am borrowing from the recipe site. (I used mini-corn instead tho ... I don't really like big meilies).

It got the thumbs up so I'll definitely be making it again :) I think it'd probably make a great starter, even served in a lettuce leaf perhaps. Will keep that in mind if we ever revive Dinner Club.

Dessert was jelly and custard .... because we had a whole unopened custard left over from the trifle and I'd bought some calorie-free jelly (can't remember the brand to link to) to try - so weird, it doesn't go in the fridge to set?! Tasted much better than I expected tho so that was a nice surprise :) Another thing we will have again.

We spent a lot of the evening just chatting about our future <3 I can't get enough of that! We discussed our upcoming holidays. And our hunt for a place to rent together ... We're seeing a 3 bedroom version of my place later today, just up the road from me. I have high hopes about this. Although I will desperately miss my outdoor area :(

Oh yes, glossed right over those holiday plans, didn't I? ;) So the plan for this year is .... first we have a trip to Cape Town next week for my cousin's 21st! Then we were supposed to go away to Sodwana the following weekend for The Trucker's 30th Birthday, but that's been moved to mid-March so that more of his friends can join us.

Then at the end of April we're thinking of  a trip to Kruger together. In August we're going to Oppi Koppi. I've *never* been, in all my years in Joburg. And we keep missing it by being away. So this year we have decided we're going. Which means our little overseas holiday is planned for September and we're going to ..... Bermuda!

Gonna get my American visa next month probably and maybe we'll even have a few days in New York on the way home! The Trucker has a friend who works as a chef in one of the hotels in Bermuda, who he's been to visit before when he was working in the Maldives. Makes for a great excuse to go to these awesome places. And we'll have accommodation there, which is a key factor in the decision making. Otherwise we would be doing one of those cheap package trips to Thailand or somewhere because we are saving up for #Holiday2014 ! We are planning to go to Australia and New Zealand for 3 weeks in April 2014. (And then the serious business of baby-making will begin upon our return!)

Life is amazing right now, I hope this feeling of excitement and happiness never goes away <3

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Louisa said...

It's so good to see you in such a happy place. :-)

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