Friday, February 22, 2013

Another Week

Hello from gorgeous Cape Town :)

This week has been pretty eventful, although I guess no more than usual with my busy social schedule - haha. Monday was a quiet one at home with The Trucker. Tuesday was a special SCM Dinner, since it was @clairam's birthday week :) And then on Wednesday evening The Trucker and I flew down to Cape Town for a long weekend (although I've still been working yesterday and today from our Cape Town offices ....).

Yesterday he headed off to do some surfing while I toiled away :P But then when I got home we popped over the mountain and enjoyed a lovely walk along Noordhoek beach before heading to dinner at Peddlars with the whole family (it's gone from a stock-standard family of 4 to Dad, his girlf & her 12yr old daughter, The Peeb and her hubby, Mom and her boyf and The Trucker and I. Sheesh! Haha).

I was a little disappointed in our restaurant choice initially to be honest. It seemed to ordinary and boring when there are so many Cape Town restaurants on my list to try. But, dinner was delish and the service was good :) The Trucker and I both had their Wagyu Beef Burgers with ham (similar to parma ham, but I forget the name), cheese and roasted peppers. Yum. And then I totally won the dessert lottery when I ordered their banana donuts with chocolate centers and cappuccino ice-cream.

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