Monday, February 25, 2013

Busy like a tourist.

Shew what a crazy busy weekend we had cramming every second of Cape Town in!

On Friday, after a second afternoon of surfing, The Trucker took the train into Town and I picked him up to join me for some after-work drinks. After that, we headed down to the Sea Point Promenade, grabbed a soft-serve with a flakey and took a walk enjoying the sea air :)

After that we headed to Long Street and after a small margarita and a plate of of Chili Poppers to share at Mexican Kitchen, we walked up and down enjoying the urban bustle there. There is just something that feels alive and awesome about Cape Town that Joburg can't seem to get right. I love the outdoor living European vibe you can find in the right areas ...

We were killing time till our dinner at Woodland's Eatery with The Divine Miss M and her boyf. Yum, we've been dying to go back to this spot! We decided to try something different there, although I think we were all craving the lamb pizza! The Trucker and I shared one of their specials, a 4 cheese pizza topped with bacon and drizzled with honey, which was my winner of the evening! And their pork pizza, which I wish I'd ordered the lamb instead of :( Ah well, still tasty and I guess that's how you learn!

What an awesome evening :) On Saturday we were up at a reasonable hour and headed into Town for breakfast. We looked online and decided to try Clarke's. It was great. It's a cute little place with a very (how I imagine) New York feel and the breakfast I had was spot-on: scrambled egg (cooked perfectly), avo, crispy bacon and potato bread (?). Really hit the spot :)

After breakfast I wanted to go to Charly's Bakery, which I've heard so much about on blogs and twitter, but as yet I'd never been. So we popped past there. It is chaos on a Saturday morning and a  little overwhelming for people visiting for the first time. There is a mad crush against the displays so it's hard to decide what you want if you've never seen their gorgeous creations before. We got a variety ...  I wanted one of their petit-fours (which were my favourite purchase and I'd definitely get these again!), The Trucker wanted a mini-milk-tart. And then we each got a red velvet cupcake. Which I liked, it was moist but I'd pick a petit-four over getting this again next time. And then I got some simple biscuits to take home too :)

After that we took our purchases and I took The Trucker to the Green Point Urban Park. Which is one of my favourite new places in Cape Town. We sat and picniced and just enjoyed the rest of the morning. And then we climbed back in the car and took Chapman's Peak to Kommetjie to meet up with Liary and her son for a walk on the beach :)

Shew. By the time we got back to Mom's in the afternoon we'd already had a very full day! The Trucker managed to squeeze in a nap and then we had to get ready for my cousin's Circus themed 21st! (The actual reason we were in Cape Town this weekend) We had quite a fun night ... although the DJ was pretty rubbish. The outfits were great and so was all the decor :)

We were up early on Sunday to head to the airport to catch our flight home and had a quick goodbye breakfast with the folks at the Wimpy before. Then it was back to Joburg and grocery shopping and a very lazy afternoon at home :)

Oh, and today is The Trucker's last day of his 20s. Wowee.

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