Monday, February 18, 2013

The Daily Spoils

Shew. I could totally do with an extra day of weekend this week! And in some very sad news, Winter is Coming. Yes, today it was really still dark when I got out of bed. This terrifies me a little as we still have a good 4 months till the solstice and it starts to get lighter. I feel this does not bode well at all :( Haha.

I am, however, grateful that our holiday planning has had a little bit of a shuffle. We're off to Cape Town this weekend, not for a long weekend exactly since I'll still be working from our offices there. But then we were supposed to be off from the following Wednesday till Sunday again and I think it would've ended up quite exhausting. Now our long Sodwana weekend has been rescheduled to mid-March.

So what did I get up to on yet another busy weekend ... Was in a pretty foul mood when I got home from work on Friday afternoon. An hour in traffic due to an accident and then the house we were going to go see (that I had very high hopes for as it is the same sort of complex as mine, but had 3 rooms) was taken an hour before we were supposed to see it :( It did not make for a good start to the weekend at all. So The Trucker and I got some Indian take-out and sat in front of the tv (he'd also had a rubbish week).

But, things quickly turned around when I went into the bedroom and found a La Senza bag hanging there for me .... oh this darling boy <3

We *finally* managed to watch Searching for Sugarman. Although The Trucker had already watched it while we were broken up, this was the 4th attempt for me to watch it and it finally worked. I wasn't as keen on seeing it as it sounds like so many other people ... and without The Trucker's prompting certainly would not have continued trying. But I am glad I saw it, you do finish with the warm and fuzzy feeling about this humble man (who I think more musicians should be like ... what on earth do some people like movie stars and musicians need SO much money for?). But there were definitely "OMG this is so ridiculous" moments where I was like how is this even a movie?! And no, I didn't realise I knew so many more of his songs. While I do enjoy I Wonder and I remember Sugarman, by Just Jinger, that was about it ....

On Saturday morning I headed to @nadia_ass's baby shower. Showee, what an event. It was all done professionally with a Dr Seuss theme. Beautiful and such fun. Was lovely to meet some new people and catch up with @cybersass and @Exmi again :)

After that The Trucker and I had a relaxing afternoon at home, a little walk at Golden Harvest and then he surprised me with dinner plans ... at the Black Horse Brewery. It was as fabulous as we remembered. Such a beautiful setting with fairy lights in the trees, a perfectly temperate evening and delish food! We started with the Prawns. For mains I had Cheese & Chili encrusted Sole and we shared a perfect Malva Pudding for dessert. I drank their Irish Red Ale which I really liked ... and hello, I never drink beer in South Africa - haha. It was a superb night out :) I really am feeling very spoilt and loved up these days. Shew.

On Sunday morning he was up early for Cricket and I had a little bit of a lazy morning at home before getting the grocery shopping, doing a little Birthday Present hunting for The Trucker - eep. And then I went to a friend's birthday lunch while The Trucker went wakeboarding.

I got home after 5pm and we had a very lazy evening. Except that I made us these amazing Aubergine Pizza's for dinner. I was a little nervous, because I'm never really sure about how long to cook aubergine for ... but they came out perfectly and I'll definitely be making them again :) I used a mix of tomato paste and Woolies Napolitana sauce for the tomato base and then added some of the Woolies Goat's cheese and Chorizo. I topped it with Cheddar before popping it in the oven. I added some fresh basil just before serving. It was fantastic!

Can I also just mention quickly how much I adore The Trucker refering to my house as 'home' and getting home to find his car in my garage. I know it's probably so dumb but it makes my heart swell for now :)

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