Monday, February 04, 2013

Happiness is ...

Ah well, I think you can take it as a given that I had a pretty damn amazing weekend. Haha. I actually didn't see that much of The Trucker.

I left work a little early on Friday afternoon ... let's be honest, I couldn't concentrate on anything here anyway ;) He came over a little later. Although his video had ended with an invitation to meet him for breakfast on Saturday morning, I had an appointment from 8:30 - 1pm so couldn't make it. So I'd phoned him to arrange to see him sooner.

He arrived and after the longest hug, we talked. Now I know it may seem a little naive to rush off and start believing that all this has changed in someone in the space of a mere 2 months. But after speaking and seeing him this weekend, there is no doubt in my mind that he is sincere and this really is what he wants. He's been seeing his therapist twice a week since he got back from Cape Town.

He's made quite a few changes in his life before even taking this step with me. The way he's talking about us and the future is completely different. And he's doing the talking about it, not me.

Can you believe he was worried I'd tell him to get lost after seeing the video. I'd made it quite clear that we wouldn't be staying friends if we ever broke up and joked he might actually have to leave the country (like The Lying Pilot, Bean and Varen all have). I've never really gotten back together with an ex .... I told him last night it was because no one else had staged a coup the way he had ;)

Anyway, so yes, after a bit of a catch-up and the answers to my very first questions of "How did this happen?", we headed to Rusty Hook for one of his friend's birthday's. There were loads of his friends there and it was nice to see all the people who'd been looking after him in my absence ... and they were all thrilled to see me there and back with him. Which also went some way to proving even more to me that he meant all of it <3

It was a later night than I was hoping for, but it was lovely to wake up next to him on Saturday :) He made breakfast while I showered. We ate outside. I headed off to my first Brain Harmonics session. and he headed off to his mom's for the night (remember, it had been her birthday earlier in the week). It worked out perfectly, honestly. A little space to realise and think about what was happening. To miss each other, but in the good way. It was lovely to have him at the other end of a message again while I was sitting watching TV alone :)

And besides, I had @jarredcinman's 40th birthday party to get to on Saturday evening. What a great night :) It was a joint party for him and one of my old Poker buddies so I knew loads of people there and was pretty much riding a high all evening. It was a great venue (La Vie and Rose) with great food.

On Sunday I got the grocery shopping done and then headed to The Peach Cafe for lunch with a friend (one of The Trucker's friend's ex-girlfs ... I've managed to stay friends with both of them which has been a bonus!). Wow, I recommend this place, lovely setting and delish food :) We had a lovely couple of hours catching up.

The Trucker came back from his mom's and headed straight to his cricket game. He got home just after 7pm and we grabbed some dinner from Simply Asia and sat outside chatting the rest of the night away. Catching up on the 2 months we missed.

I know I said before it felt like the last 2 years had been a dream, but now it feels like the dream (or nightmare) was actually the last 2 months and now life is back on track. I think he's more certain about all this than I am right now, he's been thinking about it for 2 weeks before I found anything out (can you believe he even went and looked up my profile on Internet Dating to check up on me!). And I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. I had to cancel a date for this week - haha. But I couldn't be happier about this complete surprise :)

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