Thursday, March 07, 2013

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So, here's a weird one ... something I wouldn't usually post about. But my experience yesterday triggered it and I'd like some opinions.

Bikini Waxing. Do you wax? Or do you shave? What are the alternatives? I waxed for years before I took the plunge and moved over to Laser. I had the IPL Laser treatment at Matis in Cresta. Which I discovered last year has now closed down (and the other Matis branches don't seem to offer it). Devastated. Does anyone else find it horribly difficult to find a new "Salon"?

Now here's the thing, I was thrilled after I switched to Laser, I had great results. But it was freaking expensive, R400 a pop instead of the R60 for a wax. Yes, this was a few years back. But it was totally worth it and I never looked back. Now that I can't find a replacement Laser place, everywhere seems to be charging R100 for a hot wax. And can you believe I've phoned some places that say they only offer strip waxing. On a Bikini line ... Sorry what? And I have found a few Laser options, but to pay R700 or R800 a session for something that takes less than half an hour ... well just work out how many waxes that is per session. For me, that is more than a whole year of waxes. And it's not like you have the Laser once and bam, you never have to go again. You go less often, but you still go every 3-4 months (well I did).

So I went for a wax yesterday afternoon, in anticipation of the upcoming Sodwana trip next week. Let's just point out here that shaving has never been an option for me, the itch and ingrown hairs are intolerable. I guess the only way to find a new favourite is to try a few places. I've tried Sorbet in Cresta, which was fine, but that is a little out of the way for me now that I'm not actually getting the service I specifically want (the Laser) and honestly the convenience is as much of a contributing factor as the experience itself. Last night I tried Placecol. And it was awful. I won't be going there again. I'm still sore and tender this morning. It may have been a once-off (apparently the wax wasn't cooling fast enough because the air-con wasn't working and my hair has been left much finer from the Laser treatment), but it was enough that next time I'll definitely be looking for another new place.

Anyone got somewhere they love and would recommend to me? Anyone else going the Laser route and have a recommendation ... cause honestly I'd much prefer to go back to that!


The Chantal said...

When you say bikini wax, do you mean just bikini line or full removing all hair?

I always remove all the hair, I had laser done a few times and it worked super well and almost no hair has returned but I only did it on the upper part and sides, so I wax/shave the rest. Shaving doesn't give me ingrowns, so I shave every 2 or 3 days but if you do suffer you can buy cheap stuff from Clicks for ingrowns. I think the cost of laser is cheaper than waxing in the long term. plus the hair that does grow back is finer.

Have you tried depilatory creams? But it says on the box you can only use it on the bikini area not "everywhere" so I havent tried.

Unfortunately the only lady I've ever used, who did the laser and waxes, resigned and I'm too shy to go to someone else so I just shave, and thank god that works well for me. It really sucks when your regular place closes hey :)

phillygirl said...

Shew. That really was the worst Bikini Wax experience I've had. My skin was peeling this weekend as if I'd had sunburn!

Anyway, the good news is I've found 2 new potential salons offering Laser treatment, one near my office and one near home. I'll be trying them both out in the next few months and will let you know :)

@TheChantal: yep, it's just a bikini line, so I can wander the beach in my cozzie in public - haha.

Louisa said...

I used to used a place in Randburg, but they had one bad batch of wax come in and the woman yanked off an entire patch of my skin!

I actually haven't been back there again, or anywhere else for that matter. Disposable savers.

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