Friday, March 08, 2013

Bad to Awesome in One Week

Shew. What a topsy-turvy week ... My mood did not start out well, but by today it has vastly improved and I'm back to my blissed up, in love with the world, happy face :) None of it was Trucker-related. Mostly I have been in a very bad place work-wise and I think it collided with a temperamental week hormone-wise. It wasn't pretty. I was pretty blue with no light on the horizon.

But the week passed in spite of myself ... On Tuesday The Trucker & I had our first real spat (over nothing really, I'll now admit). Thank goodness I dragged myself to Boot Camp and for the first time ever I saw the results of exercise on a bad mood and left feeling far better than when I arrived. But I headed off to SCM Dinner and The Trucker had a late Action Cricket game so I didn't see him till much later when I barely woke as he climbed into bed next to me.

On Wednesday I was supposed to go to dinner with some friends from work, but I was feeling like what I really needed was one of those quiet evenings to myself at home. What with plans every day from Tuesday to Sunday this week, I was feeling a little socially overwhelmed. So I cancelled my dinner plans (because I will be seeing the same bunch at a birthday party tomorrow evening). The Trucker ended up cancelling his plans to meet @Toxic_Mouse for a drink so I went and grabbed some dinner supplies for us after my wax. I settled in to watch Grey's and he headed to gym. Dinner was delish and then we started on the new season of Californication. It was exactly the evening I needed! I was in a much better mood on Thursday morning :)

And things at work started improving yesterday ... I finally got a new project to sink my teeth into. I am absolutely no good at having no direction or nothing to work on ... I get very despondent. I even brushed off my CV earlier this week.  And I'll admit I saw a position going at Yuppie Chef this morning and I'm a little tempted ... but it's in Cape Town.

Anyway, last night was another fantastic evening. Spending time with The Trucker makes my heart soar and everything seem sparkly :) We went to the March Night Market hosted at Market on Main. I love doing something different.

Shew, but we ate! Well, we started with a drink while we wandered past all the stalls ... I had a very nice (if over priced) Mojito and The Trucker had a Bonecrusher from Darling Brews. I even quite liked it! It reminded me of the Sasparilla-flavoured drinks we'd had in Vietnam. Then we decided to start off sharing a plate of Chicken Nacho's from Mama Mexicana. (Excuse the crappy photo from my blackberry, my upgrade is due in May! Can. Not. Wait! And all I have on this computer is Windows Paint ... #sigh) Superb. To temper the spicy, I suggested something sweet next ... and we spotted some Chocolate con Churros (which I am a big fan of :) ) at the Culinary & Pastry School stand. We got one to share, they were huge! And so good :) We also tried a Cannoli each. And, as we chatted to the lovely lady serving us, we heard about the Pasty School's classes ... they apparently do a couple's pasta evening on Friday night for R250pp. The Trucker & I are totally doing that in Winter :D

We took another wander around and got a cheese samoosa each. Yummy. And then The Trucker wanted to try the Chicken in Pita from Soul Souvlaki. It was delish, some very good flavours combining. And I'm a big fan of the thick flat pita bread they used!

After that we decided to grab our last desserts (which we had sneakily already bought and asked the stall to keep for us because they looked like they were selling out fast ... and just as well, because they had!) and head home. I got a S'mores cupcake and The Trucker had a honeycomb cheesecake from Private Chefs. They were both good, but mine won hands down! Wow, superb.

Loved it :) Scarily tho, I have a check-in with my Nutritionist this morning ... I am hoping it won't be too bad, but am not expecting anything good after our trip to Cape Town, Valentines Day, our Sun City weekend and general eating out en masse. Haha, I keep expecting life to slow down a bit but really, it never does :) I am reminded what a lucky girl I really am <3 Which is definitely what I needed after this week ...

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