Monday, March 11, 2013

More Mood Swinging

Harumph. Another weird mood morning today. Woke up after a very weird dream feeling overly emotional about life ... must phone the folks and touch base. Took a minute for a few extra cuddles with The Trucker this morning. Hopefully it'll sort itself out during the day :)

It was also quite and up and down mood weekend. The Trucker and I were annoying each other a little this weekend and that's never fun. We do seem to have found our balance of giving each other space in the same little house tho, so that's good.

So on Friday after work I headed off to Rocket for a catch-up drink with some of the girls from work. Can't believe how we never see each other anymore even tho 3 of the 4 of us are actually still in the same office! Anyway, that was really nice and a good start.

When I got home just after 7, I declared sushi for dinner, since we were both feeling indecisive. And what a bad mistake that turned out to be :( We headed to Lok Fu, where we'd had The Trucker's birthday dinner ... 2-for-1 special every day of the week. Stupid. It was Friday night and they only had one sushi chef for some reason. They didn't warn us till after we'd received our drinks :( We shouldn't have stayed. They said, there'll be about an hour wait. Well, we figured we aren't in a rush, that's fine. We had a spring roll and shared some hot & sour soup to tide us over ...

I think that was our second mistake. I reckon we must've got bumped to the end of the sushi queue. And it definitely felt like they were getting all the take-out orders out of the way ahead of us. They kept saying yes they're busy with it, but by the time we gave up, went inside and said we'd take it home with us instead, they just seemed to be starting on it. It was over an hour. Our moods were frayed. And then the sushi turned out to be terrible. You know when all you can taste is rice! Yuck. We didn't even finish it. What a terrible evening. If we do go back there (because it really was quite nice the time before), I will definitely be asking upfront how many chefs they have working. And it won't be on a Friday night!

On Saturday we were up earlyish because I had to get to the bank to collect my new card. ATM swallowed mine and caused a fuss over month end when you stupidly can't log into internet banking because you don't have a new card. I didn't care when I cancelled it as I had no plans to draw from an ATM, but linking my online login to my CARD and not my actual account seems like the stupidest user experience decision Standard Bank has made.

Anyway, after not quite an hour there, we did our grocery shopping and then headed to breakfast. We had a mostly avoiding each other, relaxing morning after that. After lunch the dust had settled (I think we ate breakfast too late) and the afternoon sped past in a blur of series watching.

On Saturday evening we headed to Edenvale for a friend of mine's 90s themed birthday party. Only 1 other person from work showed up ... although there were supposed to be at least 5 of us (why are people so flakey?). But we had a good evening anyway :)

On Sunday morning our alarms went off early, at 7am ... we'd planned a pre-dive-trip pool session. But it was overcast when we woke up and we decided the morning could be far better spent in bed napping and reading :) And then we moved to the couch with the duvet. It was a *perfect* Sunday morning, with scrambled eggs for breakfast.

I headed to Peach Cafe for lunch with @WhizBangLouLou which was lovely :) I really like this place. Am dying to take The Trucker there sometime.

The rest of Sunday we took easy, The Trucker napped and worked while I watched series and then we made some very yummy ostrich burgers for dinner :) Perfect end <3

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