Monday, May 13, 2013

And We've Moved

Shewee. What a weekend. I think we had 2 brief moments of rest ..

So the moving commenced in ernest the minute I arrived home from work on Friday evening. The Trucker brought the Mahindra from work (our standard moving vehicle) and we started moving the non-essentials (and stuff we could carry). I reckon we did 2 or 3 loads. And another load from his house.

On Saturday morning we were up early. He headed off to get one of the guys from work who'd be helping us with the heavy lifting and I started dismantling the bunny hutch. Kitty and Bunnies were not very impressed with the upheaval. While the boys did the heavy lifting (couches, fridges, washing machines and beds), I headed off to get more hay for the bunnies and new tarps for the hutch. And some toasted sarmies for breakfast.

It was a long and exhausting morning. And then at around 2:30pm we headed off to The Foundry for @Toxic_Mouse's birthday shenanigans. Sheesh. We didn't think we'd be there too late. We planned to move the animals and our bedding and make the bed when we got home ... but things got a little out of hand ;)

We eventually got kicked out of The Foundry, I think because of noise? @Toxic_Mouse had asked if he could book the bar area but they wouldn't let him. There was much mirth when eventually they asked our table to please move to the bar area. But regardless I rather like the place. I will be going back for at least 3 more bowls of their Pumpkin Fritters. OMG they are about the most amazing thing I may ever have eaten. We also shared one of their pizzas for the table (the chorizo one) ... very tasty. I think I'd try the butter chicken one next time. And I shared their Beetroot Carpaccio with someone as well ... not as good as Cafe del Sol's. And then for actual lunch, much later in the afternoon, I had their pulled pork sandwich. Pretty good.

After there we moved onto the Jolly Roger. But one drink later everyone wandered to Jolly Cool to play pool instead. We didn't leave late, around 21h30, but we were exhausted.

We managed to bundle up all the animals and our bedding into the car en route to our new house. But we certainly lacked the energy to build my 4-poster bed ... so we spent our first night sleeping on the mattress on the floor.

Sunday was jam-packed, again. We were up earlyish and built the bed. The The Trucker headed off to his LMS cricket game while I re-assembled the Bunny Hutch. I did the grocery shopping and then we did a few more loads from my house ... almost everything has now been moved.

And then we collapsed for a bit ... watched the bunnies & Gypsy explore their new garden. The bunnies seem especially thrilled with more space :) They are harder to herd when it's bed time for them tho :P Oh well. I packed most of our clothes into our cupboards - yay there is enough space for us both :) And The Trucker set up the TV and entertainment system and shuffled the lounge around sufficiently that we could collapse on the couch for a few hours on Sunday evening. We unpacked most of the kitchen (we still have some stuff to move ... like we have no glasses! Haha, that was an oversight).

Sheesh, exhausted. At least last night really felt like our first night there together <3

I thought it would be a harder weekend emotionally. You know, moving out of my very first home. A place I am very emotionally attached to ... I think it is specific things about the place tho, things that made it mine. My photo wall, and my outside table with all my lights hanging above it. Things that I guess were my vision. Even The Trucker said last night that he missed my house. And it's because the new house still doesn't feel put-together yet ... there is still a lot of chaos to work thru. And when you're just renting it is a little more difficult to make the place your own. But I think we'll get there. We certainly have more space now and it really is nice having all of our stuff together :) I dunno, I think I'll still miss my little home that I built ... but it was far from finished, so I guess that is a good thing too - haha.

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