Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Amazing Eating

Mkay so it's been an exhausting few days. We have only spent a single evening at our new home together (Sunday, and we will be out again tonight! At least tonight we'll be out together, the last 2 nights we've had our own plans).

Things have been weird and niggly and annoying between The Trucker & I for the last 2 days. I think we managed to clear it up yesterday. The emotional onslaught of the move has hit me, but in a completely different way than I expected. I haven't missed my old home yet ... I guess cause that chapter has yet to close, there is still stuff to be moved from there and no one has moved in and made it their own yet. It is more the new house and living together that is rubbing me up the wrong way. It's not too serious, I think it's just one of those wobbles that happen when you create this sort of upheaval in your life. But I got into a bit of a state last night because I didn't know where anything was or where my stuff was supposed to go or how to use his dishwasher (So generally feeling completely useless here). Combining 2 people's things is emotional. For the big stuff, honestly it's been easy. My bed, his couch, you know, that sort of thing. Generally you pick the better of the two. But then figuring out where all your personal rubbish and knick-knacks go becomes more complicated.

We'll get there. I didn't do any "house stuff" last night, I took the evening off, I couldn't face the chaos that still needs unpacking. Instead I watched some series and went to SCM. When I got home, I took my first bath in our en suite and it was perfect. You know how sometimes the baths are just a weird shape and don't exactly fit. This one is perfect. I found my happy place and even managed to tackle the last of the bathroom stuff that needed unpacking. So I am feeling more on top of this whole moving thing again.

On Monday after work I'd got home and immediately headed to my old place to pack up a bunch of what was still left there - we needed the glasses rather urgently. It was exhausting. While I may be able to pack things, hefting giant containers filled to the brim into the boot of my car, not my strong suit.

After that I headed out to dinner with an old friend, Kersh. We worked together back in the day, before he moved to London. And the last time I saw him was when I was over there visiting for work. It's been ages. But hey, isn't that what Facebook is for these days :) So yeah, we still keep in touch and when he said he was coming back to SA for 2 weeks, we planned a dinner. Now let me tell you, I had to pick somewhere decent, the boy has become a bit of a foodie and has been to places like Noma (apparently very exclusive, impossible to get a reservation for restaurant in Demark where a meal is 20 servings!). So naturally I wanted to show off a little of what Joburg has to offer :) And, of course, it was a great opportunity for me to try one of the restaurants on my Surprise Date Night List. Although I am ending up with a list of places I'm dying to take The Trucker back to (Peach Cafe, Coobs & now Eatery JHB) ... haha.

So yes, I gave him a couple of ideas and he picked Eatery JHB. Oh. My. Word. I was spectacularly blown away by this little place ... although I do wish I'd seen the upstairs! Next time.

They have a great selection of craft beers, so I had a Bone Crusher ... which they served in a wine glass :) I rather liked that. I started with their Beetroot and goats cheese ravioli with balsamic reduction and chives. Not at all what I expected. I thought because it said ravioli there would be actual pasta involved, but there isn't. The beetroot sort of replaces the pasta and surrounds the goats cheese. I really enjoyed it and the presentation was great :)

For mains, I had the Spinach pappardelle with broccoli & cauliflower florets and mustard butter, which was sooo good. Didn't feel like I was eating pasta at all. The flavour was superb.

And now, well I had to have dessert because everything else had been so good. So I chose the Scorched pineapple carpaccio with hazelnut praline, macerated strawberries & lime sorbet. OMG. I totally won at Dessert. Although I think I won with all my courses, honestly. Haha. But Kersh had serious order envy. Would have this again in a heartbeat (although perhaps not as fast as I'd have The Foundry's Pumpkin Fritters - haha). The flavours together worked so brilliantly and, once again, I loved the presentation (it came on a slate plate)! I think this was my favourite dish of the evening, but it would be such a close call.

So, I will definitely be going back here with The Trucker, at the earliest next month tho, because they change their menu every 3 months :) Can't wait to try it again.

Anyway, it was awesome to see Kersh, have a good meal out and a great catch-up :) It is so nice when you can just spend an evening chatting to someone like it hasn't been 5 years since you last saw them!

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