Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Even Keel

Yup, things on the home front are definitely back to blissful awesomeness <3 Could not be happier about that. So adore my sweet lovely boyf.

This week has been hard work tho. On Sunday my car key stopped working. It unlocked the car (the immobiliser, which apparently just needs a battery to work), but the transponder (or whatever) that tells the car that this is a legit key that can start it seems to have gone. Luckily tho, I have a spare key. Although it's battery seems to have gone since it's immobiliser didn't work.

#sigh try carrying around 2 car keys just to get around. So on Monday, after a very sudden start (somehow managed to switch my alarm off and only woke up when I usually arrive at work!), The Trucker told me in no uncertain terms to go to Citroen and get it fixed asap. Because, honestly, if anything else went on either of the keys, I was pretty screwed.

So after working from home in the morning, I headed off to Citroen en route to the office. Little did I know it would be an hour & half experience. Seriously?! And why oh why do places like this not offer free wifi to their patrons who are usually stuck there waiting (especially during a service because you have to wait till 8am for the driver to get going, and I usually arrive around 6:30am). I guess I was a little lucky that they had my key type in stock at all that day. So I bought a new one (R1300) and a new battery for the spare (R40) ... and then sat and waited for them to re-code it to my car (R350 for labour). Urgh. I was livid by the time I left. And I had to wait for their card machine to "update" as I was their first payment of the day. Wasting time, wasting time.

Also, I remembered Sunday was my 5 year anniversary since starting to work here ... Sheesh. I've been here as long as I was in high school (longer technically since the hours are significantly higher :P). But I did get an awesome bunch of flowers from them to celebrate it :)

On Monday evening, we had a nice dinner at home and did some more unpacking. The spare room is looking like we could even host a guest (once the linen has been washed and put onto the bed and the curtains hung) and the study no longer looks like a store room :) There are still a few things left to do, but I am definitely feeling more settled there. And I can't wait to have my mom up to visit in July :)

Last night I took a brief trip to the vet with Rex and went to SCM. Rex has been sneezing since the weekend so he got a quick shot. Not on antibiotics yet, but we're keeping an eye on him. Typically after a giant sneezing spell on Monday evening with loads of mucus, he didn't sneeze even once from when I collected him all thru our visit at the vet till we got home again. Urgh. Maybe he has an allergy to something in the new house ... or the cat - haha.

Oh, and we've now got all our documents in place for our visa application for Bermuda. Eep.

And work has been a little stressful. I guess cause I haven't been in the best of moods for the last 2 weeks hasn't helped at all. But I woke up at 4am this morning and couldn't get back to sleep (bet that'll be fun later) :( My brain was just tossing and turning over things ... but The Trucker was such a sweetie, he woke up and cuddled up with me (usually we sleep untangled) to make me feel better and try help me sleep. Awe.

Oh, I forgot to mention, we tried another frozen yoghurt on the weekend, Yogoorus at Cedar Square. When did frozen yoghurt become a thing again? I remember the million Marcels when I was in high school, but I couldn't tell you where a single one was today? (Do you even have them in Joburg?) And suddenly, with the start of Wakaberry (which I have yet to try) and the like in Cape Town, I'm noticing people talking about frozen yoghurt again and these speciality stores popping up. We've had Filo again since my birthday. I adored the Peanut Butter and the chocolate the first time, and have added their caramel to the list as well. So at Yogoorus I tried the salted caramel (win) and The Trucker had their cheesecake (not so much win).

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