Monday, May 27, 2013

Finally, Improvement

Ah Monday morning. How can you tell? Well I overslept till the time I am usually arrive in the office. #sigh. So now I am working from home till the traffic dies down. Thank Goodness The Trucker is here (still in bed snoozing) because my MTN 3G has become and expensive paperweight (albeit not that heavy) in our new home ... I get nothing but Edge, which means I can't even load Facebook or my Gmail. But he has a Vodacom 3G in his tablet, so luckily we can use that :) The plan is to get a WiFi router for the house and leave his Vodacom 3G here for us. Then he'll take my MTN 3G to use around-about, where hopefully it'll work :)

Sitting at the coffee table is making my back hurt :p

So, this weekend. Yes, things seem pretty much back to okay here. We didn't exactly fight for the rest of last week, but there were some emotional conversations ... and plenty of tears (mine). This whole thing ended up making me feel quite insecure about him & I. But I'm okay again now.

I think it has also been a huge help a) buying some stuff specifically for the new house (okay so it was only a bird feeder, that they have yet to use, and some solar-powered butterfly lights, but both make me happy ... or they will once the birds find the food, dammit!) and b) seeing my old place filled with all his sister's stuff. Wow, she has a lot of crap and clutter. It is wall-to-wall boxes there at the moment. Apparently she's taken off today to "settle in" although she seems to be making it her own quite successfully already. And walking in there, there is no part of me left behind there. If I saw the place in the state it is in now, I probably would never have bought it. Funny how things like that affect your view. Nope, that place is no longer mine.

@samanthaperry also brought round some incense so I could "smudge" the new house on Sunday. So I did that too. I think we're finally settling in here. Although there is still plenty to be done. We've made a list tho. And last night I sorted thru a lot of my own hoarded documents to burn/shred. All is feeling better in the world.

So what did I do aside from that this weekend? On Friday afternoon I stayed at work for a Wine Tasting by The Wine School. I wasn't blown away by any of the wine we tasted, although the last one, a Diemersfontein, was my favourite. And some of the whites weren't too bad (high praise coming from me because I *never* drink white wine).

While I was there, The Trucker was getting my ceiling painted again (apparently the primer needs 24hrs to dry). And it seems to have worked because it's staying put this time :) I picked us up some pizza for dinner and we settled in in front of the TV.

On Saturday he was up early to collect the Mahindra to get his stuff from the storage container and then he dropped the bakkie off with his sister so she could get moving into my old place. I got to have a nice long snooze, it is very rare, the days I wake up or get out of bed after him :) Then we headed off to Salvation Cafe for breakfast. After that we ran around doing admin stuff and then had a few hours to relax at home before we headed down to Cedar Square to watch Iron Man 3.

I definitely enjoyed it more than the 2nd one. But still not nearly as much as the first. I still think they made a huge casting error with Gwyneth Paltrow. But Robert Downey, boy, I could watch him all day! Haha.

After that it was off for some yummy sushi. Although the sushi was good, the service on Saturday night was terrible :(

On Sunday morning we had breakfast at home and that was when I think things finally fell back into place for us. We moved a few more things, The Trucker still has to get the last of his stuff from his old house now that his sister no longer needs to use it (microwave, crockery, cutlery etc.) ... he'll do that sometime this week. Unfortunately he still hasn't found someone to take over his lease from 01 June :(

Anyway, he had cricket on Sunday afternoon and I got the grocery shopping done. I am still surprised at how early some shops close on a Sunday ... and pottered around the house. I tried to make some Brinjal chips, but they were not a roaring success :( The stuck to the baking tray even tho I'd spray-and-cook-ed it and the bits I could scrape off were far too salty for me ... to be fair, I didn't have the recipe in front of me due to sheer lack of internet here so did not turn them half-way, but I will try them again this week.

After The Trucker got home, we made an amazing bolognaise for dinner (left over ostrich mince I'd cooked for mexican wraps on Thursday) and I heated up some gluhwein to have with it. It was a superb winter dinner <3 Yep, things are definitely swinging back to sunshine and roses here.

Oh, and the other exciting news ... we finally did our application for our UK Visa (for Bermuda) and made an appointment for later this week. It is very confusing tho, because I kinda expected at some point in the process they'd actually ask if you're even going to the UK or actually going to one of the territories. So every time they asked "What is the purpose of your visit to the UK?" we were "visiting Bermuda" #sigh we're not even flying via the UK. So I'm kinda nervous about this one ... I so prefer dealing with an actual person!

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Louisa said...

I'm glad the sun is shining on you again this week.

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