Monday, May 20, 2013

Second Anniversary

Mkay, I think things are on the up ... I know I left you hanging last week with a rather down in the dumps post :(

On Thursday evening we headed to one of The Trucker's oldest friend's houses ... he was out for a week from Bermuda for his brother's wedding. Yes, I finally got to meet the guy we're off to visit in Bermuda for a week in September :) We had quite a cool evening. @Toxic_Mouse and his girlf were there too. And we ate some delish home-made prawn & chicken curry.

On Friday it was my 2 year anniversary with The Trucker. Now there was definitely a time when I didn't think we'd get here, and yes, despite the exactly 2 months apart, I still consider this our anniversary. But we did get here and it was worth celebrating. Not quite in the style of last year - haha, that was amazing. This year because we had such a busy week planned, we just went for dinner at Licorish. We have booked a weekend away in June tho ... am so looking forward to it :)

Dinner was superb, as always. Although, on arrival I was unimpressed with the menu's. I don't remember if they were like that last time, but the newspapery-feel doesn't suit the restaurant, I don't think. The restaurant is far more impressive and classy and the newspapery menu's just don't tie in with that at all. But anyway, that aside, I started with a Chocolate Chilli Martini. It was nice, but not very strong ... chilli or chocolate wise.

Then we shared a starter of Goats cheese samoosa with balsamic onion jam, yellow pepper essence and pumpkin seed cinnamon dukkah. This was superb (and there were 2 on the plate which suited us perfectly). For mains, The Trucker had the fillet taster plate and I had the game taster plate. Mine consisted of an Ostrich puff-pastry tart, which had far too many mushrooms for my liking, a Springbok Spring Roll, which I rather liked, and a piece of Kudu fillet served of sweet potato mash. I couldn't finish it all but it was all very nice. And with that we had the wine tasters. My favourite (wish I knew what it was) was the one served with the kudu.

We finished with Chocolate spring rolls with cape velvet custard to share. So full!

Shame, The Trucker has been sicker than I remember him ever being. Off work for 2 days (this boy never takes a day off! Even when he should) and just plain exhausted, sore and drained the whole weekend. So we didn't get anything done house-wise this weekend. We need to get the ceiling sorted before his sister moves in ... it's gotta be this weekend. Eep.

We had the maid over on Saturday morning to get the old house cleaned up and ready for it's new tenant. And The Trucker slept most of the morning. Poor guy. And then it was time to get ready for the wedding. It was at Avianto, which I've never been to. Quite a nice venue. We had a lovely time but left early because The Trucker was still feeling awful.

We slept late on Sunday and had a lazy morning and breakfast at home before heading out to do the grocery shopping. And then spent a nice lazy afternoon at home. I think this is what we needed ... although The Trucker has spent quite a lot of time already there ... maybe it's what I needed. He thinks the woman who owned it died there. Her son, who we are renting from, said she got alzheimers so couldn't stay there anymore. I think, for me, it's just that I haven't really figured out my place there yet. I know that sounds crazy. Our roles haven't really changed in the house. We do a lot together. But I guess, it's exacerbated by him having spent so much time there. I feel out of place. At my house, it was mine, I was sorta more in control of the place, I knew where things were ... I'd put them there. I know, it sounds crazy, but I hadn't cooked a single thing in this house after a whole week there ... well, not really. I'd only done my first load of washing there on Saturday. It is silly, but I think I'm getting over it :)

Anyway, so on Sunday I finally got to use my SCM Gift. Although The Trucker had unpacked it and been using it all week, which cause another upset ... it was my gift and still in it's box, I kinda wanted to use it first. Not that I would ever stop him using it after that whenever he wanted ... but I dunno, him using it first rubbed me up all the wrong way and I had to seriously force myself to actually use it at all after that because I was so annoyed. Maybe it's just me that feels like that about things?

So for lunch on Sunday I made us Roasted Strawberry, Brie and Chocolate Grilled Cheese. I won't lie, it wasn't as epic as I was hoping for. I used that thin rye bread from Woolies, I wouldn't do that again. I also wouldn't use brie again. It was too strong (perhaps I used too much). I would go with something more neutral, like Goat's Cheese next time. The melty Lindt 70% and the strawberries were pretty good tho :)

We made ostrich burgers for dinner and made a serious dent in Game of Thrones S3. I am bored. Again, too many characters I couldn't care about, you don't even see every character in each episode. It is far too much to remember who every one is and who is a good guy or a bad guy. We finished The Following this weekend too (The Trucker is not a fan of Serial-Killer Sundays). This started out great, but I am not convinced. It's all just a bit too fantastical for me because while I enjoy Kevin Bacon's character and his storyline, I just can't get behind the whole Joe Carroll thing.

And that was our weekend. We're having a quiet week this week. Neither of us has made plans for the week or the weekend ... we need some time at home, together.

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The Chantal said...

LOL the more I read your blog the more I like you. I'm the exact same, if it was my birthday present I'd want to be the first one to take it out the box and use it, thereafter sharing is no problem lol, so that would also rub me the wrong way! thank god, I always wonder if I'm too petty over things like that.

As for moving in together and feeling out of sorts n moody last week, I think when you're settled in your own single space and everything is your way, its very difficult to adapt at first and the big change makes you moody. I dont like change.

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