Monday, September 09, 2013

Go Go Go

Shew. Now that was a busy weekend. Not especially socially busy, but more like non-stop busy. Not much sitting around on the couch relaxing - haha.

So Friday started with me heading home around lunch. Had to go collect my new Drivers License so I worked from home for the rest of the afternoon. Damn I hate these places, miles away, that are only open while I'm at work. Very inconvenient. But everyone makes a plan o_0

So The Trucker & I headed off to have some sushi for dinner in the evening, it has been ages. We almost tried the new OCD Venue, apparently it was their opening night, but I wasn't sure if it was invite only or open for anyone. So we played it safe and went to our usual, Yamakazi Sushi at Cedar Square. Generally I absolutely love it there, but they really seem to have become too popular for their own good. The service is slow and erratic and your sushi arrives randomly. Which is not great for me because I don't like to eat 4 of the same thing at once, I like to mix it up between the flavours I've ordered. I think the trick is remembering not to go on a Friday evening. Or at very least, not to go at peak times. Still, the sushi is usually delish (our Salmon Hanna was the only really disappointing thing for me this time, was clearly made in a rush / half-heartedly and tasted overwhelmingly of rice).

On Saturday morning we had a bit of a lazy start and then went off to Emmerentia to the Home Brew shop so The Trucker could confirm his beer was ready for bottling. It is! And he bought the new set of ingredients. Apparently next he'll be making us a Bone Crusher and a Porter (?).

And then we had a late breakfast at Doppio before we headed out so he could watch the rugby and I went for a hair appointment at Midori Salon. Okay so it is a bit out of my way, but I was struggling to get any recommendations. I was almost about to give up and just try the nearest one in our closest mall. Until @hasmita came to the rescue. She posted a pic of herself after getting her hair done at Midori and I thought I'd give it a try too. I loved it. I'd definitely go back :) Okay so it's in a bit of a weird center, in the middle of Sandton, but it basically looks like a construction site on 3 sides. But once you walk in, you know you're still in Sandton. The service was great, if not a bit slow ... seems to be the theme of the weekend, honestly. But I didn't mind waiting too much since The Trucker was off watching the rugby.

The head massage is amazing, and often one of my favourite things about getting my hair done. Every time I go, I wonder why I go so seldom. I know, usually with hair my length I expect to pay a fortune for a cut and pampering type things are not what springs to mind as a priority to spend on. I am trying to remind myself that I should pop in on my way home every few months on a Friday just to get it washed and blow-waved. I can't explain how much I adore how it looks when it's straight. It feels like how my hair is supposed to be, why did no one tell Mother Nature ;)

But yeah, again, I just don't have the time or inclination in the mornings to bother too much with straightening it ... do you know how long that takes? At least with the Blow Wave it can last 3 days :) But I'll probably have to wash it again this evening and it'll go back to being it's crazy self.

So that put me in a good mood for the afternoon. I collected The Trucker and we whizzed past Woolies to get dinner ingredients. I invited some friends over for a soup & gluhwein evening. Okay so we tries to plan it at the end of July, back when it was cold, but trying to co-ordinate 8 people's weekends is a tricky thing. And we were laughing how we should've been braai-ing in that gorgeous weather! But the evening was superb. Such a great night with some yummy food.


Sunday was another late-ish morning followed by the usual Sunday morning grocery shop. And then it was back to Lanna Day Spa to get my gel nails re-done. And they threw in a couples massage for The Trucker & I. I really think this is a fabulous way to handle customer service. I'm happy that my nails look great (and they "baked" them for 60 seconds this time instead of the 30 they did last time, and after seeing the effort to scrape off the 8 other nails, I reckon it'll probably last this time - haha). And they threw in a bonus with the massage. Which was lovely, we usually only spoil ourselves with things like that on holiday (we were both thinking of Phu Quoc during our massages!), and it was a great way to get into the holiday spirit! 8 days people :D

And then we headed home for an evening of hard effort. We bottled The Trucker's home brew. He's been scraping off the labels from all the bottles he got after the League of Beers event we went to (hey, it's a kind of recycling since they were just gonna throw them away anyway ... and the bottles cost R5 a bottle from the Home Brew shop). So he had a few of the last labels to scrape. And then he benzine-ed the remaining glue off while I gave them a proper wash. And then they got rinsed. After that we stopped for a quick dinner and a little bit of a relax.

After dinner he sterilised the bottles and I prepped them with sugar. And then he started filling them. Shew it was a messy affair - haha. And then he capped them and wash-rinse-repeat. For 89 bottles. Yes, really. It feels pretty exciting seeing them all ready now tho :) But now they have to sit for 2 weeks before they're ready for drinking, so he'll only be able to taste them when we get home from USA & Bermuda. And here's hoping not too many explode in the next week (!). We went to bed pretty exhausted.


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