Monday, December 02, 2013

A Happier Year Than I Could've Expected

Well, it was another good weekend of much socialising and much rest. I stayed late at work on Friday (not working, pfft) because I had a dinner with some of the work girls this side and I didn't think braving the traffic for (maybe) an hour at home was worth it.

I'd booked dinner at Gwefey for us. I'd never been before, but had heard it was good. It's in that weird little center where Midori is too. Awkward spot. But wow, I was quite blown away when I arrived at the restaurant. The roof is pretty much entirely glass. It's pretty awesome. It obviously could be a little better because it isn't on the sunset side of the building and, being Sandton, there are many tall buildings blocking out some of the view, but I loved it none the less. Especially all the paper birds they had strung up.

The evening was spectacular. Such great company and conversations, complimented by the superb food. Now, I've been to China. And before that I wasn't a big fan of Chinese food. But our "take-out" Chinese food is not like the food in China, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I've been on the hunt for good dim sum ever since I got back. And this is the place! They have fantastic variety and it is all how I remember. So delish! My 2 favourites were the Deep-Fried Shanghai Buns and the Chinese Barbecue Pancakes.

For mains I had the Kung Po Chicken (small) with noodles (you must order this separately). Yum! And I got to taste the Sichuan Aubergine Hot Pot. Which so reminded me of an aubergine dish I'd had in China. In fact there were so many dishes I'd had there.

I really enjoyed the food. And, unheard of for me, we even had dessert (I never have dessert at Asian or Indian restaurants). Their Green Tea Creme Brulee and Chocolate Spring Rolls hit the spot!

Even more unheard of for me, I ended up taking The Trucker there again on Saturday night! Haha. Yup, I dined at the same place 2 nights in a row. I don't think that's ever happened before.

My only disappointment is that when the food comes you don't get the tiny bowls and ceramic spoons I'd expect with the Chinese traditional sharing meal. But, that is really minor.

If you like Asian food, I would highly recommend you give this place a try!

On Saturday morning, The Trucker was up early as he was replacing a friend in the Warrior Race #8. Damn, I kinda wish I'd got to go watch ... I definitely have no interest in trying it myself! He seems to have enjoyed it. I headed to Papachino's for a Secret Santa Brunch with @louisabouwer, @RubyLetters and @RebeccaHumphry. What a lovely morning!

The afternoon was spent at home. @bronwyngale came to fetch some of our furniture she'd bought for her new place and the National Auto Glass guys (cheaper and quicker than PG Glass) came to fix my windscreen. #sigh so I discovered on Friday afternoon that there are about 5 or 6 hail dents in the roof and bonnet o_0 So we'll have to get that fixed too. Urgh.

And, as I said, on Saturday night, we were both feeling lazy, and couldn't decide on dinner ... and somehow we ended up back at Gwefey. The Trucker enjoyed it, but wasn't completely blown away. For me, it's a bit far to be a regular thing, but it's definitely on the list of places to go back to, eventually.

On Sunday he was up early again, this time off to Cricket. I had a very lazy morning in bed reading with my Gypsy Cat followed by the usual household chores. When he got home we did the grocery shopping and had some lunch. And that was pretty much our entire Sunday. Naps on both afternoons this weekend #winningatlife.

In the background. I've been feeling a bit weird. I shouldn't be, as I reminded myself last week, life is awesome, but I think it's that slippery slide towards the holidays. Work is frustrating, I hate having to scrounge for things to do, ending up doing all the stuff no one else wants to and has been avoiding! It gives me some serious Sunday Blues.

And, of course, today is the anniversary of our break-up. This time last year, my life was very different. And no one could be more amazed or thrilled at how the year has gone since that day.

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