Thursday, December 12, 2013

Not Fast Enough

Shew, Thursday already? This week feels like it has already been 2 weeks long, without a weekend! And instead of winding down (which looked like it was happening from the start of December), it seems like they are now trying to cram every thing into these last few days. This holiday could not come fast enough.

When you don't want to fall asleep at night because it'll make the morning come quicker and you are dreading work the next day, then folks, I think we have a problem.

On the plus side, the last 2 work days have been pretty awesome. Although long and draining, but still awesome. Our team got 2 days off real-work to work on what we dubbed our Code 4 Purpose projects. Basically we found a non-profit organisation (Love Trust) and did a little of what we do best for them, to help them, for free.

Okay, so for most of the rest of the team, it was about learning and dabbling in some new programming language or tool. For me that didn't feel productive. I set about coming up with a concept I felt passionately about, that I felt would bring about the most benefit and one that I knew I could actually build in our 2 days.

So it's not complete, but I came up with a pretty awesome little concept to Gamify the Donation process for them. I loved building it, I loved watching it work ... I think it might actually be turned into a real project next year.

Unfortunately, these 2 days of hard work and job satisfaction will be fast forgotten in the downward spiral I can see coming before my last day, next Friday. Pfft.

And socially, well I worked later than usual on Tuesday and Wednesday, but still managed to fit in my last day at Boot Camp for 2013 (in the rain!) and an SCM Xmas Dinner.

That was a blast, they always are! Everyone makes such an effort to attend and everyone contributes to the evening with crackers or food or drinks. Warm and fuzzies. I made my (now traditional) Spinach & Feta Pie. Yum yum.

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