Monday, December 09, 2013

Just What I Needed

Things are better. Thought I'd better get that out the way upfront. We started speaking again slowly during the day on Friday. Sometimes after a fight, Whatsapp and Skype are better ways to communicate because you have to think before you type and have a chance to mull things over before you respond. To say what you mean to say.

The Trucker is actually so much more stable than I am. He sees a fight for what it is, a momentary annoyance where we need some space from each other. Not the end of the world. I go into panic mode and my brain starts calculating what we do with the house we've just bought and who gets the cat.

Anyway, also on Friday it was our office year end function. Vegas themed. We were supposed to dress up, I think most people were a little exhausted as our 3rd dress-up since September! Last Friday a few of us had decided to go as Vegas Brides. Only 2 of us actually did it (from that group, there were a couple of others in the office). I actually wore the dress and the shoes I had taken along to Vegas, just in case ;) I paired these with a little white fascinator, a Bride-to-Be badge, a red lacey garter and a plastic lily (I presume these are for floating in a pool?) I'd Vegased-Up with some playing cards as my bouquet. My trusty red-lace umbrella from my cousin's 21st completed my outfit. My outfit cost R75, mostly from Party Spot and I'd warned The Trucker in advance ;)

I was home by 8pm. I found the party boring, I was yawning my head off and I really just wanted to get home for a much needed hug from The Trucker.

On Saturday we had a lazy morning trying to decide what to do with the day. We didn't come up with anything important, but damn we need to get moving on those last few xmas pressies (his sister & niece and each other)! We went for breakfast at 2B Bakery and then ended up back at home for a relaxing afternoon.

We've started to discuss alternative (read: cheaper) holiday plans for next year. Sound like there's a dive trip to Moz coming up in Feb (hopefully) and then we thought we'd do an SA road-trip with all those Public Holidays in April. And maybe throw in a cheapy package trip to Mauritius, Madagascar or Thailand later in the year ... There is definitely not enough cash for the trip we'd been thinking of for April: Australia & NZ :( Another time, hopefully.

Anyway, so I started doing some research. Looked into Mediterranean Cruises, but they're definitely out of the budget once you add on a European flight and a Schengen Visa o_0

What is your favourite place to stay / town to visit / experience in South Africa that you would recommend I don't miss on our Road Trip? A few things on my list are: the Old Mac Daddy Trailer Park in Elgin and Addo Elephant Park. Was also hoping to finally get to the Owl House, but it doesn't look likely ...

He spent the afternoon working and in the evening we decided we needed to get out. We headed to The Eatery for dinner. Even tho I've only been there once before, it is definitely one of my favourite spots in Jozi.

Luckily this was not my first visit as I had huge order envy with every course :( I just did NOT get it right on Saturday night. I started with a Tomato and vodka consommé with fresh basil - R45. I expected it to be more like soup than basil infused water with some tiny chopped cherry tomatoes, I didn't even finish it. The Trucker's spring rolls (Yakitori chicken spring rolls with ginger & lime dipping sauce - R55) were superb!

For mains, there were only fish, meat or veggie options (their menu changes every 3 months and there are only 5 options for each course). I wasn't really prepared to spend R135 on a main that I "might" like. So I went with the veggie option: Roast brinjal, buttermilk yoghurt and pomegranate, on green couscous - R95. I like aubergine, so this was probably my best choice of the evening. But The Trucker's rump steak (Greenfields grass-fed rump, chimichurri, roast baby potatoes & greens - R135) was very good.

For dessert, I had the Strawberry and pistachio crumble - R45. Which had an overwhelming flavour of basil, which The Trucker didn't like at all. I didn't mind it tho, but all in all, the dessert seemed a little like a yogurt and muesli breakfast honestly, instead of a dessert. Still tasty, if dessert basil is your thing.

The Trucker had the blondie (White chocolate and macadamia blondie with passion fruit custard - R50) which was very nice. Yip, he definitely won this round of ordering - haha. At least he liked the restaurant too, so hopefully we'll go back when their menu changes again :)

On Sunday we had another lazy morning. And after he'd made us some delish Harissa Eggs for breakfast, he headed to cricket and I went to visit @Arkwife and her little baby boy. Wow. I don't know when last I saw a baby who was under a month old. He is a tiny (although long) little thing. Such a skinny little guy too ... is it because it's summer?

But shewee, what a cutey. And such a happy little guy! Yes, it made me broody <3 Awe.

Then I got the shopping done and we relaxed away the rest of the afternoon and watched Elysium in the evening.

Hmm, I think I am jaded by movies these days ... even the ones that are supposed to be brilliant and I'm looking forward to seeing just don't seem all that great. Jodie Foster was annoying in this (what was that accent). Sharlto Copley's South African accent grated me everytime he spoke. Although I thought it was hysterical that Jan Pierewit made it into an international movie o_0 Never mind the words boytjie, poes and howzit. And well, Matt Damon. Meh.

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MeeA said...

We're hoping to stop by The Owl House en route to Mossel Bay this holiday. Can't wait! I've been wanting to see it since I first watched Athol Fugard's play, The Road to Mecca when I was 15...
Glad you're feeling happier again.

My James was also a long, skinny little thing as a newborn - it's so cute!

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