Monday, February 03, 2014

More Rain

Yup, can you believe, it is raining again. The same sort of torrential rain we had on Friday for almost the entire day ... and didn't have this weekend, when I was home to appreciate it. Ah well.

So, it was a pretty good weekend. I started my Friday off with my first Applied Kinesiology appointment. My mom recommended it and her lady comes up to Joburg for 1 week a month. It's quite surreal.

I'm not gonna say I understand it all, and I dunno if it "works". Mine got off to a rocky start what with my body "telling" her I had some issue from a past life ... which is something I don't believe in o_0 Anyhoo.

On Friday evening we stayed in and had a very lazy night in front of the TV. Saturday we had a bit of a run-around not doing much of anything, and then I cleaned the big (old) hutch out and removed all the levels in the hopes that it would improve our in-hutch bonding process. We had great success this weekend and they are now 100% hutched together. In the new hutch even (which I was gonna wait a week or so for, but the rain got the better of that idea). Happiness most certainly is 2 happy bunnies :) Awe.

On Saturday evening we headed to Saigon in Rivonia, where I'd booked us in for a 90min Swedish massage and dinner using more of our The Entertainer vouchers for each. Makes for a superb date night, let me tell you :)

The massages were definitely an improvement on the last ones we'd had and quite relaxing. And dinner was delish! We had such Vietnam memories :) Starting with Vegetable Crystal Salad Rolls and Chicken Crispy Spring Rolls. I had the Caramelised Pepper Pork for mains and The Trucker had the Beef Hot Plate (and a serving of noodles to share). Both were very tasty! And to end off, we each had an iced Vietnamese coffee. Made with condensed milk and proper phin filters :) Lovely.

On Sunday morning, The Trucker's cricket was cancelled (okay so it did rain on Saturday night) but we were up and got our grocery shopping out of the way early because I was expecting Louisa and Nicola over a little later.

Was lovely to see them again, even tho Nicola was having a bit of a sad day ... I think it's quite tricky to explain why some animals are scared and don't want to be picked up to a 4yr old. She definitely took it personally :( But eventually all was good and it was lovely to see them both for a bit.

And The Trucker spent the rest of the day working while I didn't do much of anything ... I wasn't feeling 100% yesterday afternoon/evening.

Oh yes, and can you believe that this weekend was a year since *this*? So yesterday was officially our back-together anniversary ... Adore this boy!

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Louisa said...

Happy anniversary!
She's been a bit weepy for a few days now...hopefully it clears up soon.

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