Friday, April 11, 2014

Nothing Much

Hmmm, so as you can imagine, the rest of this week has been much quieter than Monday!

The little bunny is happily in his new home, so I feel better about the decision I made. Hard tho, even when you know it's the right one. My two have gone back to their normal selves. Damn, Smudge is just about the cutest boytjie! Every morning I get lots of bunny licks from him (I think one of the others did this very rarely when still young, Rex, maybe? But Smudge does it daily!). And he's got such lovely fur and let's me pick him up, although he does get annoyed. It's not quite on par with Lily's annoyance - haha. Amazing how different each little character is.

Anyway, I've just really been trying to appreciate them this week after upsetting the apple cart on Monday ;)

On Tuesday I went to Boot Camp but skipped SCM. We were supposed to have dinner plans for Thursday, but they got postponed to next week. So it's been fairly quiet in our house this week. Lots of Walking Dead, haha.

I'm sure there was some other stuff I meant to write about, but I've forgotten now. This week has absolutely dragged! But, this time next week I'll officially be on holiday for 2 weeks and no doubt we'll still be in bed before we have to pack for our train trip! Can't wait.

Oh, but super disappointing news yesterday ... the Kirstenbosch Boomslang Tree Canopy Walkway won't be open in time for us to squeeze in a visit. Sad face. Oh well ... next time.

Sheesh but it is getting cold in the mornings now hey?

Oh, and did I mention I've become marginally obsessed with Good Reads in the last week? So I signed up ages ago but never really got into it. But for some weird reason last week I decided to upload all my blog book reviews and I was hooked. So far all it's doing tho is adding to my lengthy list of Books To Read - haha. If you're on there, add me ;)

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