Monday, April 14, 2014


What a lovely weekend :) I started by rushing home and cleaning the house while The Trucker made dinner. We'd invited @jarredcinman and @blakey over, which meant a vegan meal ... well for one of them, at least.

The Trucker was keen to have them over for a drink then head up to the Indian place, which we'd already been to with @jarredcinman, so it was a safe bet. Usually when he's over, I make Veggie Burgers (only cheese for me) so had said perhaps Ostrich + Veggie burgers was the way to go. But instead, I scoured the internet, determined to put in some effort and found a recipe (literally by searching for things like "Vegan food for non-vegans" Haha) that looked delish.

I wasn't expecting The Trucker to do all the cooking, but putting together a big meal seems to be something he loves so he volunteered. Awe. Anyhoo, so the recipe was called Rustic Bread and Eggplant Lasagne. Sounds awesome, does it not? Basically you replace the lasagne pasta with sourdough bread and obvs no cheese. We also had bought these tins of proper Italian Tomatoes at The Culinary Table last week, and damn if this wasn't an ideal opportunity to use them.

So, anyway, we sat around drinking red wine and eating sweet potato fries that The Trucker had made to start (while the lasagne cooked). I adore sweet potato. And then, when the lasagne was ready ... Oh. My. Word. Let me just say that I thought this meal was divine. Seriously. Loved it.

And for dessert, I'd peeled and sliced and frozen bananas the night before and he made peanut butter vegan ice cream, which I'd tried at home before ... this time was better.

Seriously, it was a pretty superb evening :)

On Saturday we did some admin. I needed to do some shopping ... but I find it depressing lately. I dunno if it's just me, but I can never find anything I'm even interested in trying on these days. I need a personal shopper. I was never one of those girls who went shopping with friends, so now that I need someone going "Oooh, try this on, it'll look perfect on you" I'm screwed. The Trucker tries, but he's really no good. Although he is *perfect* at shopping for himself. He'll just decide and go out and come back with what he wanted and more o_0 Although there are some shoes (which I definitely don't need more of, but somehow seem much easier than clothes) that I have my eye on ... mebbe after I get some birthday money :)

Anyway, then we collapsed at home (me feeling rather depressed about things) and then decided to pick ourselves up with an early dinner at The Wolfpack. Early because I was told previously that you can't make a booking on a weekend and if you arrive at about 6pm you should be able to get a table. It is not that easy, let me tell you. But The Trucker and I did find a secluded spot at the bar slightly outside and ordered some drinks. Oooh, I am loving this Dragon Fiery Ginger Beer! I also tried an Old Tom Robinson (with chocolate) which wasn't bad, but a bit heavy for me ... shoulda had the Claren's Cherry Cider, but I thought I'd try something new.

And then the dinner. Wow. Yep, we'll be going back ;) I had serious order envy and could not make up my mind ... but I went with their Chicken and Brie Burger (I'd try the Ostrich next time, it was my toss up option ... I wouldn't have the chicken again I don't think. Tasty but average). The Trucker had the Big Bad Wolf. Wow. I had a bite, hence my order envy! Haha.

And the sides !! We decided to be creative. I had the Polenta fries which come with creme fraiche and strawberry something or other. It was delish, but I'm not so sure about the polenta frie bit. The Trucker had the Wasabi Onion Rings. Oh. My. Word. So good. And, most impressive ... I've never run out of the food before the sauce. So that was good, in my books.

Delish! Then we took a stroll down the road and back looking for some potential dessert, but didn't find anything that piqued our interest so we headed home. And since it was still early, we watched Captain Phillips. Yoh. That was hectic. There was a lot of Wikipedia-ing going on while we watched. I'm glad that piracy seems to be curbed at the moment. It seems such a crazy thing o_0 People continue to amaze and disappoint. Sometimes we think we're all so civilised and advanced with our iPhones and internet and what not ... but there are parts of the world where people are as cruel to each other as thruout history. We haven't really come that far. It just sorta blows my mind sometimes.

On Sunday we took the scooter out for breakfast and then did our grocery shopping before I headed to @queenbern 's with @mkrates for a visit. She has two new cute little bunnies, so how could we resist :) What a great afternoon catch up! Wine, pizza, cupcakes, easter eggs ... and bunnies! Haha. Was lovely.

When I got home, The Trucker and I spent the evening clearing thru more stuff. Time is running out to get the Guest Room usable ;) Haha.

Anyhoo, this is going to be a very busy 4 day week! I think we're only home for dinner tonight ... And then on Friday (can't wait!) we're off on our holiday. Gonna be awesome :)

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