Friday, May 30, 2014

It's Puppy Day!

* bounce * bounce * bounce *

She's arriving from PE at midday and The Trucker is going to collect her. I am too excited. It's gonna be an interesting weekend. Which is why I have made no plans. I wanna soak up as much time with the littlest fluff ball as I can, getting her acclimatised to her new home. I can't wait. The Trucker reckons my rules about no puppies on the bed or furniture (those are solely the Gypsy cat's domain), won't last long. But I am determined.

Man, I hope those two become friends and cuddle up. I will melt.

And no, we haven't picked a name yet ... we're waiting to meet her this weekend. Plus The Trucker and I have some fairly differing ideas about naming. He desperately wants to call her Jess. a) I don't like naming animals with "human" names and b) already know of too many dogs (and people) named Jess.

Other than that it's been a fairly uncluttered week. The Trucker worked on Monday and Wednesday. His house is finally being built (by him) so his days are spent on site and his evenings are spent earning some money. On Tuesday I skipped SCM and had a night home alone (sometimes you really need those, you know?). I reminded myself I did know how to cook by making a delish dinner for one. Sometimes I forget, living with the The Trucker ... since he enjoys cooking and takes it in his stride far better than I do.

Last night tho, I'd booked us a Date Night. Last week I heard about a new Mexican restaurant called Perron that had opened in Illovo. And you know us and Mexican restaurants ;)

I can't believe how much I've heard about this place in the last 2 weeks. There has been some buzz on twitter (where I first heard about it) and instagram. And even in my office! On the day I made my booking, some of the girls were supposed to be going that evening, but ended up cancelling. And another has been twice since I made my booking so we were even poring over the menu here the other day. Nothing like building up the anticipation. Haha.

So our evening started off with a traffic fine. Harumph. But then we arrived and the place was set to get packed, every table with a reserved sign.

I had a great evening. We stuck to the Nibbles and the Los Mas Pequenos (the little ones). I'd heard that those were definitely the way to go over the mains. Perhaps at some point we'll have to go back and try their mains to make up our own minds, but for our fist time, I'm glad we stuck with the little taster plates.

Yum yum. We ordered quite a selection: Jalepeno Poppers (yes, get these!), Mexcian Street P orn (not what I was expecting but super tasty), Popeye Empanadas (these were okay, but I would've preferred to try the banana 'n beans empanadas but The Trucker wasn't up for it), Bacon Quesadillas (mmm, okay) and Sweet Potato on Corn Fritters. That last one was most definitely my absolute favourite of the evening!

So much so that we ordered a second plate of them! And some Killer Guac to finish. But, the place was packed and there was quite a wait for our food.

And they had no ice cream so The Trucker couldn't have the dessert he wanted. I had my heart set on churros (yes!) for dessert, which we ordered. And then got told that some had been sent back and apparently there was something wrong with the batter so they were no longer serving them. Sad face, but probably for the best because I was so full!

So yeah, we will have to go back to try those churros ;) I didn't think it was too expensive, you should probably think about it like when you order sushi and you just keep picking "plates". But eating like we did definitely does that sneaky adding up thing I mentioned when ordering at Rocomamas or GBC. It's a cute little place so definitely worth a try.

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