Friday, June 13, 2014

Another Week

Ah, Friday. And the Friday before a long weekend, even better.

It's been a weird week ... the puppy has been nick-named Monster. Haha. She is lovely tho, but gets hyper and bites EVERYTHING. Which is tricky when you're trying to brush your teeth or make dinner ... but yeah, we're getting there. She did sleep thru the night last night too :)

And I started taking her for walkies every afternoon when I get home. It's amazing how quickly she is getting the hang of it.

On Monday she absolutely sucked at it and I think were were gone for less than 10 minutes. I'm just taking her out side the complex and walking along the side of the complex, along the road. We have a wide grassy pavement, which is nice.

But on Monday she stopped every time a car went passed and just didn't understand that we were walking here. On Tuesday she did a little better, until we got to a part of the (brick) wall which had another dog behind it, barking. This messed with her mind completely.

On Wednesday we did both lengths and she ran with me, definitely getting the hang of this and loving it ... although coming home completely hyper. I missed last night, sadly (trying to get her into a routine) cause I went to visit my friend who had her baby almost 4 weeks ago. It's been quite hectic since the baby was 10 weeks early so is still at the hospital.

Other than that, we are getting more sociable again. Haha. We had @Sascha_with_a_C over for dinner on Tuesday evening. The Trucker made the Quick Low-Carb Gammon Steak with Tender-Stem Broccoli, Garlic & Cream that I'd made last week. Superb! And I got some lovely belated flowers for my birthday. What an awesome evening.

Last night we had The Trucker's niece over to stay (who we are taking to this Moonlight Tour of the Joburg Zoo in a few weeks, I can not wait. Sounds like such fun!) but The Trucker also had to go to a Body Corporate meeting. Which we are fuming about :/

They basically said we can't do our Patio renovations, which caused a large discussion about my other Unit with the amazing patio, and how the guy before me cut corners and didn't get proper approval and just went ahead (he was dating the Chairman of the BC, I gather). Very annoyed. Getting some input from The Trucker's architect because "they'd love to approve it but ..." so let's get all those "buts" cleared up for them. And he was all ready to start building today & tomorrow. Damn.

Super annoying. And they picked some paint colours for approval and one lady has her heart set on Terracotta o_0 (cue massive eye roll) We have an awesome neutral colour at the moment, I wish they'd just stick with that! Damn I hope no one votes for the terracotta. Yuck.

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MeeA said...

This is one of the reasons I don't miss living in a complex and don't intend to buy in a complex to live, ever. I want full creative license when I build my place... ;-P
Hope it all works out for you!

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