Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Long Weekend Blues

Harumph. We had a much needed long weekend. But I'm still in a blue mood :( I mean it was this weird combination of a good and busy weekend, but still feeling like I was just going thru the motions of life. I think I need a duvet day. A day all to myself. Actually, I have no idea what I need o_0

So yeah, being a 3 day weekend, it was all kinds of busy and relaxed. On Friday evening I headed home, The Trucker had a cricket game (sounds like madness, playing in the dark & cold ... I suspect he won't be doing it again any time soon). I was sposed to have a friend come over, but she bailed, which I didn't mind too much.

Took Pepper out for her after-work walk on Friday too. And then hung out at home, watching The Returned, waiting for The Trucker to come home with pizza.

On Saturday, we were up fairly early ... no sleeping in with a little pup! The Trucker had taken her for her 2nd round of vaccinations on Friday so we took her to her first Puppy Training class. Yoh.

But seriously. It was hectic. She is 2 weeks behind some of the others as this was her first class, and the last chance to join the 12 week course. So she had no idea what was potting. And those ladies are ruthless. One of them bit my dog back! I don't have the stomach for being so disciplinary. I got yelled at for looking at Pepper. And for saying she was exhausted / overwhelmed (it was a lot for her in one hour!), which apparently she wasn't. Anyway. We both survived.

And, truth be told, she's been a lot better since we made a few changes. We got her a crate (The Trucker borrowed one from his ex-girlf) so she's been using that since Friday. With mixed results. Her bed doesn't fit properly, but we got her a new warm fluffy blanket so I think she's happier. She's certainly handling things better, it has been so hard listening to her howl / cry ... but the potty training is going better!

She is learning to sit before she gets fed. And she is being less rough when she plays.

We took her on 2 nice big walks (we skipped Saturday afternoon due to the morning's training) at Golden Harvest. Shew, such a cutie and really getting the hang of it! I am sure the training will get better, for both of us!

On Saturday afternoon, I headed to Tasha's in Rosebank to meet up with @nadia_ass. It has been sooo long. And my word, her boy has gotten big since the last time I saw her. Lunch was good and it was nice to catch up. Haha, and boy did we laugh about the similarities between puppies and toddlers o_0

In the evening we headed to 310 Sustainable Eatery for dinner with CollegeInstructor. Was super upset that they didn't have the ostrich, again! But I tried their fillet & gnocchi which I really enjoyed. And this time I had their butternut fritters. Not quite The Foundry, but delish!

The boys had the milk tart for dessert. I was way too full, but it was okay ... wouldn't order it again.

On Sunday we had no real plans. We finally hung the prints I got for my birthday last year from the #SCMDinner crowd. I had them framed a week ago. They look awesome! Now I really must find a freaking mirror for that room and it will be complete.

In the evening we'd invited friends over. They're heading to Bermuda in September, to see their son (who we stayed with) ... and brought us the very annoying (for us, not them) news that you no longer need a visa for Bermuda (based on certain conditions, like having a US Visa). Urgh!

But, The Trucker made a superb Chicken Curry for us. Wa-ay more complicated than usual ... but that was because we were trying to get something up near restaurant-grade. I find the curries I have at the restaurants taste so completely different than the ones we make at home. We must find the secret! This involved marinading and baking the chicken separately. And definitely some different ingredients. Fenugreek (unfortunately we couldn't find the leaves, just variations of the seeds at the Indian store in Northgate) and ground cashews (for thickening, which works really well!). It was delish, and I'm super glad we bought some of those Naan breads from Woolies too. Won't be an every day thing, far too much effort ;) Haha.

Monday was more like a normal Sunday.We made crumpets for breakfast at home and snoozed in the sunlight after another early puppy-morning ... then we headed off to do the week's grocery shopping. I made myself Ostrich Soup (trying the new Venison mince) and we bought some awesome new Sistema tupperwares for lunch this week (they're expensive, but no more so than the other clip-lid stuff PnP had on offer).

The afternoon involved more relaxing, watching the new season of Orange is the New Black and Motive.

And that was about our whole weekend ... And now it's back to work. Which I am super not thrilled about, which is weird cause I'm on a fabulous project at the moment and it's been going really well lately. But I just have that dread feeling in my stomach. You know like where you feel like you've forgotten something. Something major, but you can NOT think what it is. Yeah, that. Hate it.

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