Friday, June 27, 2014


Shew. TGIF! It has been a busy week. And my mood has lifted ... although I am still in desperate need of a day to do nothing. I've scheduled this for Sunday. I have no plans to get out of my pajamas - haha!

But yes, back to the past week. Work has been busier than ever lately and this week has been no different. Thankfully that is going thru an "up" phase, regardless of the anxiety I have been feeling lately (that seems to have stopped too, but it may have to do with going out, so no time to feel anxious once in bed as we just go straight to sleep, exhausted! Haha).

Monday night was the usual at home. Well, except that I still had my Domestic Goddess hat on from the weekend and had planned some homemade bread with soup (not homemade, from Woolies) for a perfect Wintery dinner.

I had been eyeing a recipe I'd seen on Yuppie Chef for Homemade Cheddar Loaf with Pancetta. It is super easy to make, although a little on the expensive side because of the pancetta. And then I heated the soup in the microwave to time everything perfectly. But I'd bought the bigger 1.2kg Tomato soup from Woolies ... which proceeded to topple over in the microwave. And unfortunately we didn't notice till a little while later o_0 Well that was fun :/ I popped out to buy a replacement, thank goodness for Engen Woolies nearby! I had my heart set on that soup. While The Trucker cleaned the micro.

We couldn't close the door for the rest of the evening without shorting the whole house, but it seems okay now. Fun and games o_0 The bread was super filling, yoh! But so tasty. Yum.

And on Tuesday I decided to skip SCM Dinner due to evening plans from Wednesday to Saturday!

On Wednesday I went to a MXit event at Urban Tree for work. Shewee, but that venue is gorgeous! And apparently it was catered by Fresh Foods. Oh wow but the food was superb!

And after work, a few of us went thru to visit @ironyandgum. Yoh. But the traffic going to the East. I nearly cried. It took us about an hour & half ... and we left work before 16h30. That said, once the traffic debacle was over, it was such an awesome girls evening with wine and pizza and chatting. So what I needed!

Last night we went for dinner in Bryanston with some friends who'd heard about a new spot (owned by a guy who was a few years behind The Trucker at the same school) called LBV.

Wow, what a great little find! They change their menu every three months (so we'll be going back in August) and the food was superb.

We took the Raka Spliced from our Cape Roadtrip since they are waiting on their liquor license and started by sharing the Fig and Camembert Spring Rolls. These were delish. Next time I'd like to try the Squid Heads, but I knew The Trucker wasn't going to share that with me :/ And I was saving room for dessert.

For mains I couldn't decide. I had originally thought of the Lamb Shank Pie, but it comes on the bone. So that put me off. 2 people at our table had it tho and apparently it was very good. My favourites of the evening were definitely my Lamb Gnocchi and The Trucker's Fillet.

The Gnocchi just melted in my mouth. It was superb! And the flavours and presentation of The Trucker's fillet. Divine.

Unfortunately the dessert didn't blow us away nearly as much as the mains & starters, but we tried the Creme Brulee and Chocolate Fondant. The Creme Brulee was quite different, it certainly didn't look anything like I was expecting. Which can sometimes be a little disappointing, when you think you know what you're getting. I liked the Chocolate Fondant, but they needed to be sent back to be re-cooked a little. I didn't mind mine at all with more sauce and less cake.

I did get to try their Deep Fried Basil Leaves (which are served with one of their other dessert). So interesting. And what a great palette cleanser!

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