Monday, June 23, 2014


Hmmmm. Such juxtapositions ... yesterday afternoon felt perfect. Seriously. Today, feels like a heavy weight. I seem to be suffering from a bout of evening anxiety. I think I need a day off to do nothing ...

But, aside from how I feel right now, my weekend was awesome. For a few days, at least, my blue funk was gone. On Friday I was gonna skip the Pepper Pup's walkies ... but she was having none of that. Haha. So off we went.

In the evening, The Trucker came home and we just had a quiet night in with a bottle of Rickety Bridge's Foundation Stone. One of my faves.

We watched a fair amount of series this weekend. Hibernation in full swing. Finished Orange is the new Black (s02 - that's what happens when all the episodes are available in one go!) and Game of Thrones (s04 - *spoiler alert* I swear if they'd let Tyrion die I wouldn't watch another season!).

On Saturday morning The Trucker got us croissants and then we headed off to puppy training. This week was MUCH better :) I think the fact that Pepper had been before and was now fully used to her collar and fixed lead and the fact that she's been walking on it for a whole week now. But that said, there are still the extremists there o_0 This week I got told off for letting Pepper climb onto my lap while I was sitting on the ground.

Now I get that she needs some discipline and we're teaching her that playtime is dictated by when we want to play, not when she demands it ... and she isn't allowed on the couch. But if I come and sit on the floor, that's the signal that it's play time and I love her bounding onto my lap. Silly people. I adore cuddling my pupsicle. Anyhoo ... pinch of salt and all that.

And she didn't bite anyone this week (and no one bit her) although the annoying Pit Bull owner kept pointing her out telling anyone who would listen that she was the dog who'd bit someone the last week. You know the sort of person I'm talking about. I try to avoid them when we're there.

But yes, otherwise she's doing super well :) Still not 100% on this whole potty training thing tho. And her and Gypsy are doing well. They play together and they take turns harassing each other ... and we've started letting Pepper "meet" the bunnies. Which means I sit there with her on her retractable lead while the bunnies run about. She's been okay so far. We are a long way off letting her loose around them!

On Saturday we popped out for an early sushi dinner at Yamazaki and came home to realise that Gypsy had, yet again, been locked in the bunny hutch for a few hours (it's a problem when I put them away in the dark and she's a black cat o_0) Haha. Luckily everyone is unscathed. She is such a gentle girl. We're very lucky :)

And on Sunday, I was up putting a curry in the slow cooker before we went grocery shopping. And then The Trucker went to cricket while I had 6 girl-friends over for lunch. Was a superb afternoon and so lovely to catch up. And the food was delish too.

I cracked open a bottle of the Walker Bay Sauvignon Blanc that I'd bought on our Cape Roadtrip. Seriously, this is the only white wine I've found that I actually like!

And then The Trucker arrived home injured and napped and took a mustard bath so there was no walk for Peps in the afternoon. But there was left over curry for dinner for us!

See how much quieter our lives are post-puppy ... haha. Maybe it's just winter?

In other news, I know I've been very quiet on here about the whole Project Get Pregnant 2014. There's nothing to report yet. We are currently oh-for-two and I guess I haven't mentioned it for that very reason, there's nothing to tell. Which in itself isn't yet significant either. So yeah, everything is plodding along as normal. I won't lie, I was sorta hoping to be one of those one-hit-wonder stories, but we've missed the boat on that. And then on the flip side I still kinda look at is as shew, one more month before life as we know it is changed forever. Plus every month off contraceptives helps figure out my natural cycle ...

Although, I won't lie, I do kinda just wish it would happen so it's not this niggly thing at the back of my mind. Although I'm determined not to become too fussed until we've been trying for at least 6 months. This month I am using those ovulation sticks tho ... so we'll see how that works out for us. For the last 2 months I've just been using a little calendar "predictor" on my phone. But since that hasn't resulted in anything we thought we'd get a little more specific about finding out.

You know, in case you were wondering where we were at with all that.


MeeA said...

Love that pic at the bottom of Gypsy and Pepper on the red blanket together! :)
Sounds to me like you need to find a different puppy obedience training school. I can't stand those people who get bitchy about other people's dogs!
WTF is it to that bitch if you let your puppy jump on your lap? Stupid cow! Doesn't sound like a dog lover to me... (Sorry if I sound a bit like a crazy person. I might actually be a crazy person.)

Louisa said...

Sending fertile thoughts your way! ;-)
Some people just want to snatch all the joy out of having a puppy in the first place - ignore them. How many weeks of puppy school do you have left?

phillygirl said...

thanks @Louisa ;)

Haha, the dog training isn't too bad. I've never trained a dog before so have nothing to compare it to, but The Trucker (who has) is still fine with this. I think they're a bit extreme in the puppy class because they know you're only going to do a percentage of what they tell you and they think they're training you as much as the puppy ... Rest assured we don't listen to everything they say. So far, we think Pepper is doing great :)

Anyhoo, puppy training is 12 weeks, and then we'll see :)

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