Friday, June 20, 2014


Shew, this has not felt like the 4-day week I was hoping for. I seriously thought yesterday was Friday. You can imagine how disappointed I was this morning when the alarm went off.

And our life these days has definitely quietened. It's cold out and life in general revolves around Pepper.

I took her out for our after-work walk on Tuesday afternoon and she was amazing! I think all those trips to Golden Harvest on the weekend worked wonders! We did the entire length of our block and even ran a bit!

But on Wednesday, the wheels fell off a bit. I am blaming garbage day ... too many distractions and people and smells for her. Because yesterday was fantastic again!

I did try a new strategy tho, after Googling why she comes home more hyper than ever after her walk instead of exhausted. And it seems to have worked. Hard to say after one time, but I'll try a little more.

And we had a friend and her 5yr old son over for dinner on Tuesday evening. That of course caused chaos because she had someone to play with and rile her up all evening when she is usually passed out between 6:30 and 7!

Other than that I'm not really sure if my mood has improved or not this week ... I think it has lightened a bit, but I'm no where near ecstatic. Trudging thru. I think it's the cold dark wintery weather. Bring on the solstice!

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