Monday, June 02, 2014

Welcome Pepper!

Yes, yes, the post you've no doubt all been waiting for ... our first weekend as puppy-owners :)

I left home early on Friday afternoon, as The Trucker was leaving the airport with our new little girly. It took a lot longer at the airport than we expected ... after her flight landed, he had to wait another 45mins before he could get her.

But I managed to get home just after him. Shew she is such a cutie. Gypsy wasn't very impressed at all. She's still not that thrilled with our new addition, but she is slowly warming up to her.They've touched noses a few times ... mostly Gypsy just sits posed to swat her. Haha.

We headed out quickly to get her some food, a bed and a couple of toys (nothing too hectic, just for chewing on). Took her along with us to Northgate. Got a couple of Ooohs and Aaaahs. Haha.

After that we played with her, she ate (3 times a day) and slept and cuddled. Wash, Rinse, Repeat ... all weekend. We specially hadn't made plans and I barely left the house. I got dinner on Friday evening since The Trucker had to go back to work for the afternoon. Then he popped out on Saturday twice to do some work and get supplies for dinner. On Sunday he went to cricket in the morning and I did the grocery shopping. Making sure one of us was always home.

We finally picked a name on Sunday .... Pepper! It was the only one of the options she actually responded to, haha. Although The Trucker wanted Widget.

And she is awesome. The cutest little girly. So far the bunnies are steering clear. Lily is especially not interested, but Smudge has been to check her out a few times. She doesn't really understand what they are yet. Haha. But the shared distaste for her arrival seems to have forged more of a bond between Gypsy and the bunnies. Can you believe she licked Smudge's head/ears on Saturday (while they were all in the same hiding spot  in the corner of the garden!) ?! He really didn't like her rough tongue tho. Haha. But very cute.

Gypsy seems to slowly be forgiving us. After spending Pepper's first night sitting on the edge of the barricade we'd made between our bed and the cupboards like a Batman shadow, she has come back to sleeping with me under the duvet since Saturday night. Shew. Plus she is the only one allowed on the couch and bed, so she still gets to be Top Cat somewhere ;)

After a 4:30am walk-about in the garden for a piddle, we learnt on Sunday night to exhaust her before bedtime and not let her sleep while we watched tv. She slept thru to almost 5:45 this morning. Much better! Haha.

So, being home bound, we did a lot of tv watching and eating in. On Saturday night we watched Pompeii. Decidedly average, really. I thought it would be more interesting since I am fascinated by the place.

The Trucker made some Alfredo and we opened a bottle of Raka Malbec that we'd brought back from our trip. Was a pretty perfect evening, really.

And then on Sunday night we (mostly just me) watched Monuments Men. I'd tried reading the book years ago ... in spite of thinking it sounded like an awesome story, I just could not get into the book. The Trucker had the same problem with the movie ... it is a bit slow. I enjoyed the movie. Let's just say, when you get to the feel-good ending, you forget the draggy middle bits ;) It really is a spectacular story. I think they just needed a better writer.

And for dinner? Well I'd heard all about @Arkwife's Butter Chicken that she made on her birthday (apparently they do lunch for the office), and she'd sent me the recipe. And I decided that a Sunday stuck at home was the perfect opportunity to try it out. Yummy! So so so easy to make. Quicker than you can even imagine.

We made some rice to go with it and it was yummy. We even had enough to pop some in the freezer for another time. But if I made it again, I think I'd throw in a tin of chopped tomatoes and maybe some more veg ... but I'll definitely be making it again :)

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Anonymous said...

Pepper is adoradle!

Glad you enjoyed the chicken. I would probably add chopped tomatoes next time too, but all in all it's a real winner!

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