Friday, October 10, 2014


Haha, the title is a nod to a joke a friend of mine made about our imminent trip to Turkey. Tomorrow, as it happens, is Turkey Day! Tonight we say Goodbye South Africa and tomorrow we arrive and start our 2 week holiday.

I'm surprisingly nervous. I think since I did my usual Holiday Itinerary for my folks & gran ... and I saw how busy this trip is actually going to be. Even tho we thought we'd sort of take it a little easier, what with The Trucker's ankle strapped and me being pregnant and all. Then I saw how busy we'll be ... Oh my.

But I am still looking forward to it. I need the break from work. Although I may come back more exhausted than I'm leaving - haha. At least we have 2 full days back home before we have to come back to work!

Plus it is probably our last overseas holiday in a while ... so I definitely want to make the most of it. Plus, I get to tick off 2 things on my Life List! So I'm kinda nervous excited.

What else. It's been another quiet week at home in the evenings. But, yesterday I got home to see The Trucker had arranged 3 guys to come and finish our Patio roofing! OMG. I love how it looks. So thrilled with how it came out ... except for one weird bent piece of bamboo :/ But still.

Have a fabulous 2 weeks guys and I'll see you here when I'm back!

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