Friday, February 27, 2015

Hello Friday

I know. I'm pretty much a terrible blogger these days ... but I think it's probably a sign of things to come.

At the moment it is because my life isn't really very exciting. We don't do much anymore (to be expected, really), so there just isn't that much to tell. I've been trying to get the Turkey Blog Posts done ... but have to get photos before I can publish the next one, so hopefully I'll remember this weekend.

I have 5 weeks of work left. And I haven't decided how I'll manage blogging after The Littlest One arrives ... I mean obviously at first I probably will be far too exhausted. And then? I guess I'll wait and see how much I feel is really up for public domain. I am not sure the role of mommy blogger really sits well with me. I guess, like everything coming up, it'll be a wait and see and take it as it comes kinda thing that'll just happen along the way.

This is going to be a crazy year. Did I mention we're selling up all our houses (my 2 investment properties, the one we live in and the one The Trucker is building)? We had the first 3 valued. I don't think we're going to make much on the sales because the oldest unit, I've only had almost 5 years ... And it's really kind of amazing, when you look at how much you put in to cover the lawyers fees, the bond registration and the transfer costs. And then you add in all the extra you've paid in on levies (in my case the rentals cover the bond repayments, but not the levies). And then what I'll probably lose after the sale in Capital Gains Tax. I would probably have been better off just putting all that money into a savings account or unit trusts. I would probably have more "cash in hand" that way than what I'll end up after selling.

That said, all purchases were the right decision at the time ... I had a 10 year plan (prior to The Trucker coming into my life). Buy 1 property at 30 and pay it off by 35. Buy a second one and use the rental from both to pay it off in 3 years and then buy a 3rd and use all 3 rentals to pay it off in 2 years. Then I figured I could either use the money from the rentals to buy my own place or sell all 3 and buy myself something.

That's obviously not what happened ... I did buy the first at 30, a place I never planned to live, only an investment. But I bought the 2nd at 31, as a place to live ... and then, at 33 The Trucker and I bought a place together.

See. Life gets in the way of the best laid plans :) I don't regret any of the decisions we made ... but it turns out, right now, with the imminent move to Cape Town and the need to afford a place there (OMG, how DO people actually do that?!?!) that we have no choice but to sell up everything here first.

Anyone wanna buy a studio, a 2 bedroom or a 3 bedroom ;) ?

Okay, so that was a ramble I wasn't expecting. I guess it's just been particularly on my mind. Yesterday was The Trucker's birthday. We went to Rocomamas for dinner together. I feel like we haven't really been out in ages, honestly. It was really nice :) Last child-free birthday for either of us!

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