Friday, June 17, 2011

An Ode To Public Holidays

Shoo. Yep, I was spot on about that busy week! On Wednesday evening I headed off to The Trucker's. We got take-out Steers and went and sat on the first fairway of a golf course to watch the Lunar Eclipse. I won't lie, it was *freezing* outside. But it was awesome to cuddle up on a blanket and watch the sky. The moon was unbelievable. Honestly I didn't really know what to expect, and it was well worth it. We came inside at about 22h30 after the moon was entirely red and kept peeking at it from the balconey to watch how dark it eventually got.

For some reason I was wide awake at 7am on the public holiday (YAY for midweek public holidays ... although I definitely wish I was off today as well!). The Trucker and I went for breakfast at Rendevous in Northgate. His local and not a bad breakfast :)

While we were there, and that was partly why we were there, I popped across to the vodashop next door and sorted out my contract upgrade. You would think I'd be more excited about a new blackberry, but I was very nonplussed. Until that evening after I *eventually* opened the box and set the thing up. I adore it now. It's shiny and new and so much faster. I am loving it so far :) Haha. I got the 9300. Nothing so fancy as the Torch because I still can't justify how expensive these phones actually are, although I've now come to admit that I definitely need one. (The only thing I'm not thrilled to bits about so far on this phone upgrade is the camera. Everything else is definitely miles improved on my old 8900).

And then I rushed off home to clean my kitchen and make a Spinach and Feta Free Form Pie for lunch. I had Louisa, Ruby, Arkwife, Jackson's Mom and Doodles over for a catch-up lunch. In our new tradition, everyone brought a plate of food and a bottle of champagne :) (Photo shamelessly stolen from @Rubyletters :) ) What a lovely way to spend an afternoon and the food was delish (definitely ate too much!). And I'll be honest, there's nothing better than a group of good friends to set you straight when you're being completely irrational about life :) Haha.

And eventually after everyone had left and my table had been cleared but my kitchen once again looked like a bomb had hit, I headed off to Wolves Cafe for my lovely friend @Nadgia's birthday drinks. I remain unconvinced about the venue, but it was lovely to celebrate a little with her :)

The Trucker popped over for a visit (and to finish some of the left over food from lunch) later and helped get the new bb all set up. Clearly this would be where my recent brain-wobble lies. I realised this week how much baggage I clearly have after all these failed relationships. Seriously, I did not see this coming or how I'd be affected, I've honestly never noticed it before. For the first time in my life I have this weird panic reaction where I actually find myself rationlising running away from this and ending it and being single again because it's scary not being entirely in control (and I think it's getting harder as I get older!) and it feels like it would be so much easier. But I don't want that either. And I guess that is *actually* the scary part. Sigh.

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Anonymous said...'re welcome to the pic:P Was so good to catch up, can't believe it's been almost 2 weeks again O_o

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